Stuck in Chernobyl

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    Full story from the trip here - on the blog at Stuck In Customs

    Here i am at the main reactor in Chernobyl, holding a Geiger counter that I bribed a Russian soldier to borrow for the day.

    I'm about to upload about 5 more pics of my day around the plant and in a neighboring ghost town... stay tuned or go read the full story at soon.

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    1. art_es_anna 88 months ago | reply

      you are not scared to be there?

    2. Stuck in Customs 88 months ago | reply

      Yes - it was a bit scary for sure.. nothing felt right there.

    3. philwarner 88 months ago | reply

      Where is your "Shapka" ?

    4. rtv75 88 months ago | reply

      mmmhhh, come away from...

    5. Scoutress 88 months ago | reply

      Trey, I sense this desire in you to play with fire. I'm a pyro myself but you do it with a blow torch! All of these shots are stunning in more ways than one. I did cast my vote for you by the way.

    6. sudoku 88 months ago | reply

      wow! did you run into "elena-the kid of speed" while you were there?"

    7. /\ltus 88 months ago | reply

      Hard core! ;-)

    8. 413times2 87 months ago | reply

      Braver than brave. I've been tempted to go myself, but I have yet to. Looks like the radiation has gone down somewhat over the years. Pity about the "amusement" park...

    9. hanapbuhay 87 months ago | reply

      This entry is on the front page of Digg. Congrats.

    10. Quiplash! [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry, but what you did was crazy dangerous. My $0.02.

    11. dshearer 87 months ago | reply

      Oh, so much fun.

    12. true2source 87 months ago | reply

      You look so cold. Maybe the rads kept you warm.

    13. slopeypete 87 months ago | reply

      respect for taking the tour, and seeing with your own eyes. it must have been very sobering.

    14. Further to Fly 87 months ago | reply

      Man, you seem to get to every place on the planet twice a year! How do you do that??

    15. 83 months ago | reply

      AND THEY SAY NUCLEAR POWER IS SAFE AND THE WAY OF THE FUTURE! Yeah right. A solution to gasoline and coal? Oh, SURE!! Don't read the reports of Strontium-90 turning up in peoples bones who live near nuclear power plants! Dont be concerned that Nuclear plants simply burn equipment and protective gear that is radioactive, spreading into the atmosphere worldwide! And lets not forget about the radioactive waste it creates that will last for 100,000's if not MILLIONS of years polluting ground water tables for thousands of miles!

    16. Eosphoros [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      0.328 what ?

    17. abaransk 74 months ago | reply

      What are Russian soldiers doing in Ukraine?!

    18. spyCat 49 months ago | reply

      @Stuck-- Neat photos, dude. @ jcldigitstud -- anti-nuke blather! Your boobie photos are much better for our bones : ^ ) Too bad the "glow-in-the-dark" jokesters killed funding for Yucca Mt. BTW, our nuclear power IS safe and green, unlike this sad Soviet plant.

    19. lisastarr1939 37 months ago | reply

      I think by now we all know that nuclear power is never safe. not ever. there's always the chance that something will go wrong. it was a nice thought, though, as an "alternative". Lord knows we need an answer to "clean" energy. But nuclear isn't it.. Bless those who've been affected by what went wrong.

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