A Leisurely Dinner Under the Stars

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Wouldn't it be nice to live in a place like this? I like these old European streets where great restaurants line edges... Let's all move there... we can just go out and dine on the streets every night, eat fab food, see street performers, talk about photography, geek out, etc etc. Yes that sounds quite wonderful.

As you can see, I left in the HDR ghosting. Sometimes I quite like it, especially in these scenes where there is motion and feel like that's part of the gestalt. I think these sorts of words are okay to use, even when not standing on a German street.

I am very appreciative to all the eyes out there scouring the intertubes! I had a nice girl who gave me the heads up on someone using images without permission. Her name is Shannon, and you can see her Flickr stream here. Thanks Shannon :)

from the blog at www.stuckincustoms.com

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  1. Jeanette Runyon 58 months ago | reply

    Mr. Kemp took the picture down. It makes one suspicious of all his pictures.

    Shannon has some pretty nice pictures on her stream.

  2. Photom0nkey (CliffC) 58 months ago | reply

    sucks someone trying to jack your stuff. as flattering as it is it just sucks. great shot as usual i love your HDRs

  3. Jill Clardy 58 months ago | reply

    oooh I do love this kind of street scene - even with the people blur - it's just like being there and I have been there on that very street in Dresden...

    The only words I have for such photo-stealers are: cretins, cowards and cheats. (a few others are too x-rated for this particular venue...)

  4. timothy cross 58 months ago | reply

    hey trey, love the photo. This dominic fella seems strange, I wonder if all his pictures are just collages of other peoples work?

  5. susan_r4 58 months ago | reply

    Lovely scene Trey - super!

  6. rabidash* 58 months ago | reply

    Seen in ExplOre ..#..

  7. aa_just_thowt 58 months ago | reply

    Vibrant looking place.
    Far removed from how it looked when I was last there, shortly after the Wall came down..

  8. Terry Cheng Photography 58 months ago | reply

    Beautiful composition and superb colours. Fantastic capture!

  9. JGo9 58 months ago | reply

    The colors and the processing is quite nice!

  10. Shellonious 58 months ago | reply

    Besides your talent for photography, I admire that you give your photos a creative commons license, not many people do, especially photographers of your calibre. This is in keeping with the spirit that Flickr was founded and very open minded. Unfortunately some people like to rob others creative work but they would do it no matter what license is slapped on it.

  11. Boris Mitendorfer Photography 58 months ago | reply

    With such scene, I would take a seat and order a coffee!
    It brings nice mood and feeling to me.
    About stealing your (or anyone) photos: it is not right, user should be banned from Flickr, if this is made more than once!
    I don't know, why this user stole your photo, he also makes nice shots,... Shame for him.

  12. chris_rutkowski 58 months ago | reply

    I agree this is a great spot and typical of European scenes. Life is an event worth sharing and taking time to enjoy.

    We don't have enough "walking streets" here in the US.

    BTW, Portland OR has some nice spots that capture much of this feeling. In the unlikely event you don't know your way around, drop me a note - I'd love to share - and maybe chat about evolution... :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Rena Iliadou 58 months ago | reply

    great capture!!!

  14. Dutch 77 58 months ago | reply

    Love it. Great work.

  15. Thelonious Gonzo 58 months ago | reply

    Trey - I'd blather about how great your shots are and how fabulous you are, but you have plenty of people who already do that, so....
    ...I checked out that dudes stuff. He's got talent. Real Talent. No idea why he'd take your shot and not give credit. I look at this the same way I look at Hip Hop and Rap artists who sample other people's music to achieve their own music. I respect the talent they have, but I'd respect them a lot more if they wrote their own music and didn't rely on the talents of others to do their thing.

    Think of it this way Trey. He could have ripped anyone and he chose you. At least he has taste, eh?

  16. blur papa 58 months ago | reply

    That Dominic guy had 4000+ messages in his Inbox. I'd bet they were from people who wanted to give him a piece of their mind on your behalf!

  17. Trudi L 57 months ago | reply

    Nice shot of this lovely street scene. I like your presentation as well.

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