The Little Girl Blowing Bubbles in Chernobyl

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    I recently had some spare time. Well, not really. But I did insert into my schedule something I've been meaning to do for a long time - go back and re-examine some of my Chernobyl shots. I wasn't ever happy with the way this one turned out, so I went back to give it a fresh pass.

    I wrote up a long story about my trip to Chernobyl, which you might enjoy. This photo was taken just a uranium rod's throw from Chernobyl in the little town that all the workers lived in called "Pripyat". It was abandoned immediately when the meltdown happened. It was a perfect little Soviet master-planned community from the 80's. During the emergency evacuation, kids left their schoolbooks on desks, families left clothes unpacked, and cafeteria workers left food unfinished. This particular picture was taken by the playground where creepy toys creaked in the wind.

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    1. Vincent Montibus 69 months ago | reply

      Such a lovely capture !

    2. hockadilly 69 months ago | reply

      Great photo - darkly poignant.

      It reminded me of reading about the accident on the 20th anniversary - the details are terrifying and maybe explain why some people aren't so impressed with your visit!

      The radiation had been so intense the colour of Vladimir Pravik's eyes had turned from brown to blue; Nikolai Titenok sustained such severe internal radiation burns there were blisters on his heart. Their bodies were so radioactive they were buried in coffins made of lead, the lids welded shut.

      From the Observer, 26 March, 2006

    3. The Art of capturing... in and out.... 69 months ago | reply

      Must have been quite an experience to go there... Thanks for the stories!

    4. Miguel Herrera 69 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    5. evantravers 69 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot... i kinda wish the bench wasn't in the way, but there really isn't a way around that. Well done!

    6. susan_r4 69 months ago | reply

      Love this shot Trey!

    7. *Cake 69 months ago | reply

      This looks quite cool!

    8. Philerooski 69 months ago | reply

      Hmm, very interesting story.
      Great photo too by the way.

    9. ms4jah 69 months ago | reply

      I loved reading about your trip to chernobyl so much!! That was out of this world travel reading, thank you for that great travel write up.

    10. Sky Noir 69 months ago | reply

      The story of Chernobyl has always fascinated me. Your image and story bring new light to the reality of this tragedy.

    11. ferdinand sluiter 69 months ago | reply

      Well captured moment!

    12. chris_rutkowski 69 months ago | reply

      Love it when an image is more than just a photograph - but rather captures the core of an exerience. To me, that's transcendent. Guess I'm nobody to say it, but from my heart: good work.

    13. espressoDOM 69 months ago | reply

      this is a really cool find....
      I like how this turned out

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    14. Michael-Ann 69 months ago | reply

      That is quite a touching image.

      You reminded me of that young gal who rode her motorcycle into Chernobyl and vacinity. She kept a geiger counter to be "safe." If you haven't already seen her website, you might be interested in it.

    15. Lash in Virginia 69 months ago | reply

      The blue tones convey the emotion nicely.

    16. maturum 69 months ago | reply

      Una pared que cuenta una historia.

    17. Dutch 77 69 months ago | reply

      Great catch!

    18. Ragstatic 69 months ago | reply

      chernobyl ! been on my mind always. My uncle was a dentist with the Ministry of Health in the US...and I always was intrigued by the stories I heard !

    19. iffi4 65 months ago | reply

      could u plz tell me the idea of ur painting???????/
      very hard for me to get it.?

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