Disneyworld for us

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    Disneyworld is the perfect place for 7-year-olds and the 7-year-old in me. We had a great time there and I can't wait to get back again. Tina took this shot for us one afternoon in the Animal Kingdom.

    This picture reminds me of how nice it is to be a hero to someone. It's kind of one of those things that I've always wanted to be. I'm afraid some day I will lose this "hero" status. I don't want to think about that right now!

    from the blog at www.stuckincustoms.com

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    1. gurana 71 months ago | reply

      I think to a certain extent, dad's never really stop being heros... at least mine never has. It's just that, at some point, we become our own person and thus look toward ourselves for guidance and strength. The mark of good parenting, in my mind. As parents, I feel we probably need to trust ourselves that we have done our job and let them do as they will. If we've done our job well, they'll always look back to us as role models.

      edit: Forgot to mention that I love that this shot evokes a kind of nostalgia for me, even though I don't know the subjects. I can almost feel the sunshine and recall a sense of being there in some way. Kudos!

    2. Ðenise 71 months ago | reply

      awwww he looks just like u!

    3. Stuck in Customs 71 months ago | reply

      Thanks all... very nice of you... I read all the comments and enjoy them,

      And yes - that is a little camera strap on him hehe.

    4. samfeinstein 71 months ago | reply

      " I'm afraid some day I will lose this "hero" status. I don't want to think about that right now!"

      Yes, that is a difficult thing. The day that you have to say, "I don't know," and you see the look of disbelief and disappointment in your child's face is a hard day. A landmark.

      I love that your eyes are closed in this image. It makes it a portrait of your son and all of his pirate jewelery. You just happen to be there, giving him some support, but the day is for him.

    5. ruvido (on X100 now) 71 months ago | reply

      when I get angry at my daughter... sometimes because she wants to be all the time on my legs or my shoulder.... at night I think what a stupid guy I am... I am his hero and... it will not last forever (!)... for this things it is tough to be 'daddy" ... :-) so I try to keep in mind what a wonderfull experience it is!! (thanks for sharing)

    6. susan_r4 71 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot of you two! Yes, you will always be his hero Trey!

    7. akphotograph.com 71 months ago | reply

      Don't worry, you become a hero again after the teenage years. My best friend is my 25 year old son. He had a rough time as a teenager.

    8. Michael in San Diego, California 71 months ago | reply

      Very cute kid. You're lucky.

    9. gg1927 71 months ago | reply

      And after they grow up you can be a hero to your grandkids. That's where we are now. They are turning into teenagers, but still great kids.
      We can have fun together, and let the parents do the discipline stuff.
      Cute shot.

    10. Luis R. 71 months ago | reply

      beautiful moment

    11. Lisa Chu Photography 71 months ago | reply

      such a keepsake photo. Why wasn't your eyes open???! I can see where your son gets his great looks from. Just keep up with being a great father and you'll always be his hero. Maybe one day when he's old enough to have a myspace, you'll be under "hero" section. Im jk!

    12. Vamsi Illindala 71 months ago | reply

      excellent picture!

    13. Boris Mitendorfer Photography 71 months ago | reply

      It is always nice to see such lovely photos. An most fun is to let go child in an adult, I think!

    14. Two Steps Behind 71 months ago | reply

      What a happy photo! I'm jealous! ^_^

    15. Deraj Photography 71 months ago | reply

      HAHA! I like what you said. If you raise your kids right youll go from being a hero to being a supper hero. Because when they grow up they will wounder how you did all that you did! And you will become their inspiration.

    16. alefcaste 71 months ago | reply

      Man, based on my experience, you never loose that status. My father is still my hero, my moral compass, and my rol model.

    17. CreamySweetie ♥ ♥ 70 months ago | reply


      What a CUTE and lovely father and son photo!!! Please post more~~~ ^_______________^

    18. Aundre Bumgardner 70 months ago | reply

      props to ur wife. wonderful foto

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