The River Behind the Ranch

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    There is a perfect stream here on the edge of Montana that backs onto a ranch where I have stayed a few times. At night, you can hear the stream rushing by while you sleep. Sometimes, in the morning, you can see a bit of steam coming off it as the air adjusts. In the middle of the day, the fish are biting and there isn't another fisherman for miles.

    It looks like it might be easy to cross, but, believe me -- it isn't. There's a few deep pockets in there that you won't find until you're one step too late. I'll never forget the time my chest waders started filling up with cold river water. Once a little bit starts, it's a slippery slope!

    I also ended up doing a bit of tubing down this river too... which I'm sure was completely confusing to the fish underneath.

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    1. jdnpics 71 months ago | reply

      Elegantly composed.

    2. FCO.RIVERA [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    3. Thelonious Gonzo 71 months ago | reply

      New things to add my to my list of things Trey has that I don't

      Item # 1138 - Unlimited energy

    4. Dabbler 71 months ago | reply

      why does Montana always have "big sky" ? beautiful scene !

    5. Stuck in Customs 71 months ago | reply

      Thank you everyone :)

    6. Jill Clardy 71 months ago | reply

      A river runs through it - you've managed to make this look like no man has even ventured here before - a rare sight for most of us urban dwellers...

    7. susan_r4 71 months ago | reply

      So beautiful and serene Trey - love the sky!

    8. p.m.w 71 months ago | reply

      Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we're going fishing this morning!!!! Whooopppiiieeee!!!!! I'm going to go hiking first....up there...and then, I'll be back...I'll let you know how it was...lemme know how much fish you catch today ok Trey?

      have a nice day fishing :)

    9. butsugiri 71 months ago | reply

      Fabulous landscape!!!!!

      Seen in Contacts.

    10. Mark.R.M 71 months ago | reply

      beautiful. thank you for your wonderful pictures.

    11. john edward michael [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

      A master at work !!!!!

    12. BernardoWorld 71 months ago | reply

      Wow. This is just incredible.

    13. Txai Nunes 71 months ago | reply

      WOW.amazing shot,love it.

    14. bikashdas 71 months ago | reply

      Excellent Capture and composition !!! The details of the hills far away are superb.

    15. Jasim. 71 months ago | reply

      Oooh amazing shot!!
      I really like it you have a great photostream my friend :)

    16. woowoowoo 71 months ago | reply

      ohh wants to go there!!

    17. Empress Celena 71 months ago | reply

      You are awesome. So now I have another question? LOL What sort of camera do you use?

    18. Empress Celena 71 months ago | reply

      Oops answered my own question when I clicked on your blog! LOL

    19. Vlad Bezden 71 months ago | reply

      As always Wonderful job. Congratulations

    20. Golux. 27 months ago | reply

      "a bit of steam coming off it as the air adjusts" - cold water cools the air above it, causing water vapour to condense into mist, just as cold ground causes early morning mist which condenses as dew. Steam is hot water vapour, this is cold.

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