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    These old trains in Europe are always cool. I can't imagine how incredibly heavy they are. All that cast iron just looks like it might create its own gravitational force. I like looking at all the machinery and piping and stuff. I'm the first to admit that I don't know a dang thing about trains, but I do like looking at them.

    I visited a train museum also while I was in Dresden. It was really interesting looking at all the tiny inventions that had been deprecated and forgotten over time. They would have extremely specialized tools that would only do one thing for a technology that only lasted a short time. Some of these things must have weighed several tons, and the only task it could perform is maybe a mounting harness for a cast iron part that only fit one sort of train that was only in service for a few years. It was a cool museum. I guess it is kind of a guy thing... it must have been, since I didn't even see another woman in the whole place!

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    1. Deraj Photography 70 months ago | reply

      I was in a train musieum while in England. It was the coolest!. Ya its mostly a guy thing. But hay we are guys!! Love the Pics, its just a cool thing you do!

    2. Batram 70 months ago | reply

      Welcome to Germany :-)
      I shot this train too in Leipzig last year...Cool hdr!

      Seen in my contacts' Explore photos. (?)

    3. Charles Gaisano 70 months ago | reply

      damn this one's hot!!! great shot!

    4. ☆Sushil☆ 70 months ago | reply

      amazing HDR :)

    5. Michael Fitzgerald (micfitz) 70 months ago | reply

      Superb! Around 1960 when I was a kid train-spotting I saw several thousand of these locos lined up at the marshalling yards outside Crewe just waiting to be scrapped. I was just a kid regrettably without a camera and no idea these things were becoming extinct. This shot stirs up memories of steam trains.

    6. neilalderney123 70 months ago | reply

      Wonderful work Trey.
      didn't see "another" woman?? Hmmm..

      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    7. *terry 70 months ago | reply

      great!!!....well composed, cool perspective and brilliant editing!

    8. Wizard of Wonders™ 70 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot!

      You've also got - The Wiz Award!
      Woody Wood Pecker

    9. phil-schneider 70 months ago | reply

      This picture is taken at the central station in Leipzig, Sachsen and not in Dresden!!

    10. ♥☆♫♪★CHUFFIN'GOOD'PICS(1)♥☆♫♪❤ 70 months ago | reply

      Cool Photo...

    11. marko-photo 70 months ago | reply

      this is great...i love your work!

    12.  70 months ago | reply

      Very nice hds and pictures on your site.
      This trains sleeps in the main trainstation Leipzig.
      I shoot it too and made an hdr picture:
      Look this.
      Greatings from Leipzig, Germany!

    13. mkgrillo 69 months ago | reply

      One of my favs in your stream! I have idolized your work since i began HDR. Please browse my stream and let me know what you think. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

    14. Saveena (AKA LHDugger) 68 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot! It's a beautiful train.

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    15. { Planet Adventure } 64 months ago | reply

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    16. bridgy2008 48 months ago | reply

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