The Twisted Metal in Los Angeles

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    This is the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. It was designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2003.

    The day was pretty hot, even for LA, so I ducked inside for a bit. There was some kind of event going on, and I was able to slip between the cracks of security to enter the inner sanctum. I would go grab a manager and try to explain the whole situation... like... you know... you really DO want me to take photos of this place... millions of people on the website will see it and want to come here and pay you money... but then again, I usually end up speaking to some low-level functionary that barely has the authority to tie their own shoes while on the clock. So, often, I don't bother, and just sneak around, which is not easy with a tripod and the tank of a Nikon atop. I did get some shots from the interior of the concert hall as well, which I hope to process in coming months... as always, this is another thread that will get closed in true Lost fashion before the season ends...

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    1. Hot Flash Photography 73 months ago | reply

      You know what, Trey? That bike tied to the banister in front is the ultimate touch. Seems like a small detail but it makes a huge impact. Fabulous treatment, as always, and at a perfect angle.

      Seen in my contacts' Explore photos. (?)

    2. shotzy 73 months ago | reply

      Wow ... what a building.

    3. Doug McGr 73 months ago | reply

      wow .. what a shot!

    4. jslab 73 months ago | reply

      Super shot and processing. It's like a 'fish-eye gone wild.

    5. Edgar González 73 months ago | reply


    6. Mad Start 73 months ago | reply

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      awesome pic love it!!!

    7. mlhproductions 73 months ago | reply

      Great shot.

      Frank Gehry (the architect) ever surprises with his fluid constructions ...

    8. .hannita. 73 months ago | reply

      Gehry is a fantastical architect/designer.

    9. RafaGabinha 73 months ago | reply

      Amazing touch! I got a night shot of the concert hall but nothing like this. Great work!

    10. Lisa Chu Photography 73 months ago | reply

      you've been sneaking into dif places that you've been such a pro. You know Trey, I live like 10 mins from this place, yet I have any photos of this. I've seen this once while going to jury duty (its right next to it) but I definitely need to capture my version of HDR. Let me know the next time you're in LA

    11. Phariborzz 73 months ago | reply

      Absolutely fantastic job!

      Seen in my contacts' photos.

    12. Lord Emsworth 73 months ago | reply

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    13. Matt Romack Photography 73 months ago | reply

      This is nice, but those hot spots on the buildings are driving me crazy, definitely could use some digital blending.

    14. giibiistudio 73 months ago | reply

      this is super nice, as always,,, I enjoyed your portfolio so much

    15. Bermuda Hoggster (on Hiatus) [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

      What a great subject for HDR - wicked result.
      PS - Your HDR tutorial was mega mega helpful. Cheers

    16. .bad religion 72 months ago | reply

      Nice view of an interesting subject. Seems like it offers endless possibilities.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    17. Emidu72 72 months ago | reply

      Original architecture... beautiful effects in this shot !

    18. :: sixfootfour 72 months ago | reply

      Wow, great processing!

    19. kraergiinse 16 months ago | reply

      nice shot

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