The Rolling Hills of Dallas

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    My last downtown photo of Dallas went over pretty well, so here is another from a different perspective. This is shot from the south side of Dallas, which is rarely seen since most of the commercial development is immediately to the north side of the city. I see this perspective a lot when driving up from Austin on regular trips up to the city. On the last trip, we were able to have a bit of extra time to go visit some of the Impressionist works at the museum here in downtown. It was nice to make it there after dodging all the modern art that just takes up a lot of space. I'm sure that's sort of a heretical thing to say, for someone so deep into the digital mediums, but I find most modern art to be inane. Any piece of modern art that requires a douche in a black turtleneck to describe what I am seeing is something that probably simply represents two minutes of my life I will never get back. Anyway, I'm sure some people like it... that's fine... just not for me.

    I'll be sure to add some of my favorite Impressionist paintings in the next iteration of the "Things That Inspire Me" area of the site!

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    1. Schlüsselbein2007 ages ago | reply

      i always thought it was so flat, the opposite of austin. one can not but help to love the dry trinity river in the foreground.

    2. Paul Raptis ages ago | reply

      Great panorama! Sweet colors, you really captured the cityscape at the right time!

    3. John Peter Photography ages ago | reply

      wonderful painting

    4. Sasuhai ages ago | reply

      Love the colors and details

    5. pixbytommy ages ago | reply

      well done

    6. susan_r4 ages ago | reply

      Love how the buildings look pastel - super shot Trey!

    7. Harm Rhebergen ages ago | reply

      Beautiful toning! Looks very dreamlike.. Well done..

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    8. Nick Alpin ages ago | reply

      Very nice photo, but wow, "a douche in a black turtleneck "......

    9. Gregussen ages ago | reply

      Love this Trey!

    10. hellkayt ages ago | reply

      Reminds me how much I miss Texas!!!

    11. Fort Photo ages ago | reply

      Great Dallas sky line again!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    12. Jill Clardy ages ago | reply

      beautiful treatment and I totally agree about modern art - when I see an ugly splotch of paint on a canvas I usually say "I could have done that - pay me $20,000...."

    13. fotophriendly ages ago | reply

      nicely composed.

    14. kw~ny ages ago | reply

      Very Cool man!

    15. neilalderney123 ages ago | reply

      interesting image Trey.
      Looks like a piece of modern art. I don't quite get it... Can you get someone to explain it to me please ;-)

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    16. bapriver2009 ages ago | reply

      Beautiful clors.

    17. Zust do it ages ago | reply

      wow, fantastic shot!

    18. Denis Collette...!!! ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Vision Quality Group / Invite only, and we'd love to have this added to the group! awesome...!!!

    19. texasbaby72 ages ago | reply

      its stunning as usual and almost looks like a painting. Going to Dallas was such a HUGE thing for me growing up since I am country girl and seeing your views of the city just bring back good 'ol memories for me.

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