Downtown Dallas from the Flower Market

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I have this promise here to upload one new unique photo per day. This has turned out to be a bad promise, because I mess it up about 10 times a year. Before you get to my daily shot (this one from a little-known flower market from the backside of Dallas), I wanted to do something a little different for those of you that are just getting on Twitter for the first time.

I'll give you all a list of interesting photographers to follow. If you guys have more suggestions, send me a message at @treyratcliff. Note this is not my list of top 10 photographers in the world... just cool people that make interesting Twitter updates. I'll try to make a new list every month or so...since it's hard to get to know 50 people at once, I'll roll them out slowly!

#1 - @stevesimon - This guy cracks me up. I first heard him on the TWIP (This Week in Photography) Podcast. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and I generally agree with everything he says. I'm putting him first on my list because I wish more photographers were like him.

#2 - @thomashawk - Who doesn't know this guy? He's nice as heck, and his Type A personality keeps his overachievement in high-gear. We're also in agreement about many of the bad things about Flickr... it's so close to being an even better service!

#3 - @kk - Kris Krug is a great photographer. There is something creative and nice about his work.

#4 - @scottbourne - I like Scott even though he made a snide comment about me on TWIP. I was mentioned on their site of the week and he's not much of a fan of Creative Commons, I can tell. But he's still a pretty nice guy and he takes great pics of birds.

#5 - @dcjill - The great Jill Greenberg! She's protected her updates... but maybe if we all request, she will give in and show us behind the wizard's curtain.

#6 - @scottkelby - This is another guy everyone probably knows, especially if they watch Photoshop User TV. I was looking for his sidekicks Matt and Dave on Twitter -- anyone know their @'s?

#7 - @chasejarvis - An amazingly cool photographer. You can tell he is cool just from his portfolio.

#8 - @mostlylisa - She's a humble photographer that has a really nice net presence. She also gave me the name of the guy that did her portfolio website, so I owe her one!

#9 - @jessicaclaire - Hey a wedding photographer! She's a cool gal with a nice sense of style about her photography.

#10 - @alexlindsay - He is smart as a whip and is very active on Twitter. He's one of those cool people to follow because you find out something that's useful in real time!

Remember, if you have suggestions for next month's list, be sure to leave them below or send me a twitter message!

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  1. dart5150 75 months ago | reply

    Very exceptional image! Congrats on Explore!

  2. doraclay1 75 months ago | reply

    Awesome color ! Seen in Explore.

  3. victortan47 [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    excellent shot

  4. Cumichi 75 months ago | reply

    I had no idea we have a market like that in the city. Now I need to find out how to get there! Thanks for the gorgeous picture. :)

  5. ArcticShooter 75 months ago | reply

    You are invited to display your image.
    I wish I'd taken it!!!

    Damn! I Wish I'd Taken That!!! - Invitation
    Invited Images Only
    Post 1--Award 2

  6. monkeyleader 75 months ago | reply

    So many great things to see in this photo - the usual skyline shot is given a real boost with the foreground interest of the flowers ..

    It also gives the feeling of somewhere quiet to relax even in a busy city ..

    Cracking !

  7. p.m.w 73 months ago | reply

    Oh hello Trey, I didn't say yet...but I love this foto too! Thank you, have a nice day!

    Look at all those pretty little flowers, I wonder how many there are, they all need a little sprinkling. :)

    What kind of flowers are they rare to find?

  8. 13koreaMan 71 months ago | reply

    nice color!

    first abroad,,... GO dallas

  9. Faire Un Voeu [deleted] 70 months ago | reply


  10. allthatisflowers 67 months ago | reply

    this is truly a beautiful photo! I have added it to my new blog about Dallas flowers and I was hoping you could tell me a little more about it!
    Dalls Flowers

  11. JENNIFER=D 60 months ago | reply

    This picture is amazing!! The way all the different colors of the flowers are taken in the shot makes the picture looks so lively and beautiful.

  12. artland 57 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  13. joepho57 52 months ago | reply

    Very unique and interesting shot. I thought Dallas was colder in the winter - didn't realize all those flowers could survive outdoors there.

  14. 50 months ago | reply

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  15. + Lùn Pino 39 months ago | reply

    - - Wow! beautiful flower beautiful scenery

  16. mcdux 25 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing the twitter name of these talented photographers!

  17. ExperienceNZ 10 months ago | reply

    thank you for all the amazing photos

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