A Good Ol' Texas Revival

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I drove down to Houston this weekend to meet some friends, and I took my time about it, so I might find a few things here or there. Well, I found a bunch!

The sun started to set as I was approaching Brenham (home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, as a few of you dessert-lovers like me already know), I came across a Roadside Revival!

So, those of you from overseas or those not familiar with the Christian sects and various mathic practices of arks in the south may never have heard of a revival. These usually feature a firebrand ENTJ, who, happens to share the same Myers-Briggs as yours truly, and a happenstance clustering of believers who come to testify amidst fellow revelers, gesticulating about as 18-wheelers rumble along in the background.

from the blog at www.stuckincustoms.com

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  1. -Faizal- 75 months ago | reply

    Well, the clouds are certainly parting and spilling sunlight appropriately!

  2. *Cake 75 months ago | reply

    Beautiful intense sky :)

  3. Tontographer 75 months ago | reply

    I am continually amazed with the wonderful images you come up with.

  4. DustDevilDiver (Briley Mitchell) 75 months ago | reply

    I can almost hear the preacher!

  5. JerryHayesAustin 75 months ago | reply

    Hey Trey...I can't believe you got this. I was driving through on the 24th and saw this and thought.. OMG, look at the revival with the broken down trailers. It was before the "revival" and the chairs were straight and it was drizzling. I'm glad you got it. - Jerry from Austin

  6. Ðenise 75 months ago | reply

    sky looks amazing in this shot

  7. nosillaa 75 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot. The sky is so cool.

  8. Jill Clardy 75 months ago | reply

    A great rendition of a unique Southern tradition - mismatched folding chairs, sagging tent, scarred tent poles, crabgrass, and trailers in the background ! I wonder how many souls were "revived" here?

  9. WomanChild 75 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant!!!!

  10. Ballistik Coffee Boy 75 months ago | reply

    Haha... Texas, as a rule, where I've lived for the past 33 years, is a HOOT! :-D

  11. Carlos Cazuza 75 months ago | reply


    Happy New Year my Friend :-)

  12. maturum 75 months ago | reply

    Haces una obra de arte de cualquier motivo. Saludos.

  13. blakelipthratt 75 months ago | reply

    Your writing is very exquisite...so many words in your vernacular.

    Ya dun good boy-ah!

  14. D o m i n i q u e K. 75 months ago | reply

    love this ..ithe mood 's just perfect!!

  15. CharleneM50 75 months ago | reply

    LOvely pic...creative....great art!

  16. Thorpeland 75 months ago | reply

    Not only is the HDR top notch... so is the subject and composition. Very nice man.

  17. MaryBrooke 73 months ago | reply

    I saw this same scene when I was on my way to Houston on Christmas eve ... I thought "'what a great picture that would make", but I was coming down with some kind of flu (which was full on Xmas morning *sigh*) and just didn't feel like pulling over - even though I had my camera with me. Kinda wish I had now. Not sure what the cloud conditions were the day I drove past this.

  18. tomfisch 73 months ago | reply

    Aside from the great capturing done in this photograph, I have to comment that seeing the dilapidated state of the trailer in the background in the original size really cracked me up; especially with the satellite dish stuck on the side. Apparently it's still used. Could you imagine walking inside that thing on the slant? Haha!

  19. midnightmarshmallow 69 months ago | reply

    This picture made me laugh when I first saw it. I don't know, I just thought it was so ironic that the revival is basically lifeless. Beautiful shot, though.

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