The High Altar and the Inner Cloister of Notre Dame

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    This is one place they do not like you to use a tripod -- inside Notre Dame. I stuffed it down beside my leg inside my overcoat and acted like an invalid, limping in to pray to the pantheon of saints. Once inside, I dropped the rouse and extended the tripod like a transformer and shot away. I got off enough right before they told me to stop in rather polite French.

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    1. Papafrezzo, 2007-2016 by ages ago | reply

      Not sure I have to congratulate you for being so naughty or for being so persistent. Any how, the result is very nice.

    2. elsu ages ago | reply

      Wow, beautiful capture!

    3. Gregory Y C ages ago | reply

      Absolutely great. I love this atmospheric processing... are you applying a texture to get this HDR effect?

    4. clumsy street [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I deserve to Die!!! this is waht a real photographer does
      many thanks for sharing this

    5. jumpy sense [deleted] ages ago | reply

      WOW fabulous HDR! Great

    6. RebeccaHerem ages ago | reply

      You crack me up :-D way to sneaky-style this pic!
      It's terrific

    7. ♥ Katie ann. Off more than on. ages ago | reply

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    8. Blue Hour ages ago | reply

      That is a hilarious story to go along with the amazing picture.

    9. CommonWonderer ages ago | reply

      terrific image and a good story!

    10. David Allen Wizardgold ages ago | reply

      did you manage a 3 shot HDR or did you only have time for the single shot?
      I got asked to leave Girona Cathedral for the tripod. Going to make a bean bag to place the camera on to get the steady shot.

      That will confound them....
      BravaChat - Girona and the Costa Brava

    11. jetbluestone ages ago | reply

      Incredible photography!..

    12. Lisa Chu Photography ages ago | reply

      O trey, you and your awesome church HDRs. Great job. AMazing

    13. Nathan White ages ago | reply

      My laptop monitor isn't good enough to show all the sumptuous detail! I really like the streak of light going across the centre. Super.

    14. walla2chick ages ago | reply

      Wonderful photo and story, once again! The light is incredible!!

    15. wade in da water ages ago | reply

      Excellent shot, and great tip for the smuggle!

    16. theunderstudy ages ago | reply

      Astounding image.

    17. p.m.w ages ago | reply

      silly...silly! with your clandestine cathedral photos

    18. mandolin davis ages ago | reply

      lucky duck! i wish i took my camera inside with me when i visited!

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