This is Neela

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    Neela's dream is to be famous in the movies.

    Neela is currently with her family at the Batu Caves celebrating the Hindu Deepavali. She is with her family and her mother with ponderous hips nods appreciatively at me. "Are you going to put her on the Internet? She will be famous yes?" Neela demurs, then I ask her if she wants to be famous in Hollywood or Bollywood movies. She bobbles her head around like a Sikh in a sandstorm, which clearly means, "YesNo".

    Neela comes from my Portraits Gallery

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    1. xrvpaul [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      Beautiful eyes! Good shot!

    2. susan_r4 103 months ago | reply

      Beautiful Trey!!

    3. ...Ashish... 103 months ago | reply a sikh in a sandstorm.... hahahahahaha!!!

      funny man! another great potrait. Bollywood rules!

    4. Mariana Bahia 103 months ago | reply

      she's beautiful, and the shot is great.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    5. Casa da Martinha 103 months ago | reply

      she is very pretty :-)

    6. Minnie_R 103 months ago | reply

      I am really enjoying this series, Trey. You have captured not just people but their personalities and traits, too. Excellent work. :)

    7. kasmil 103 months ago | reply

      great portrait! :)

    8. * raymond 103 months ago | reply

      very beautiful indeed.

    9. Masala Cha 103 months ago | reply

      This is an absolutely stunning photo and I know the meaning of "Yes No" .... I am my youngest "Mommy Daddy"

    10. Jeff Holmes Photography [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      wow! I think shes on her way to being famous.

    11. arwriterphotog 102 months ago | reply

      She's a beautiful woman. great portrait

    12. dreamer4ever 102 months ago | reply

      gorgeous portrait! I love your comments! Ha, ha! ;-)

    13. giullong 102 months ago | reply

      Un'altra perla nera! / Another black pearl!You are invited to add this image to tag this photo with "Un'altra perla nera" when you add it to the pool.

    14. Lumiere2005 101 months ago | reply

      Wonderful portrait of a beautiful young woman. I'm glad her mother was excited about her internet debut :)

    15. Jennifers Photography 100 months ago | reply

      She is gorgeous and I hope she stays away from Hollywood.

    16. jlanta 85 months ago | reply

      Grande, genial.

    17. clean pumas 82 months ago | reply

      A Sikh in a sandstorm? What's that mean?

    18. Blue_agava 80 months ago | reply

      I'm the admin of the group Blue/green and blonde hair asian, we'd love you to add this picture into our group. an/

    19. Blue_agava 80 months ago | reply

      Hi there, can you re-add the picture again into our new group?


    20. katijakoff [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Hung by the white and black strands on drying line,
      Touched by flattened points on digital screen,
      Caressed with care now rising up like flag waved air,
      High flights of Kites flutering in confusion of background,
      Rebel moonbeams dreaming through hairs filtering,
      Desire in weak souls diving thrusting deep,
      Stretched and wide open to limits of fabric,
      Awaiting meteoric shower of melt waters,
      Pulsating vibrating as choir sings thanks from haze,
      Now languishing in orgasmic moments of discovery,
      Exploding in turgid mounts and vales,
      Delights unvieled displayed by these entangled curves.

      Eyes fired-up flaring wide the heat in thoughts,
      Hung as necklaces these wax-like feelings melting dripping,
      In silence exploring togetherness fast fading from memories,
      Assumptions half recalled facts never known,
      Sign posts to the intents that never witnessed reality,
      Inwardly tearing lumps of Tallow wrapped in skins,
      Bones and gristle sticking out like spears,
      Glancing at guilt of this very instance when lips got sealed,
      Floating away untouched unheard that flowering conciet,
      No more lingering it escaped in circles of smoke,
      Without luster without trace never can be traced,
      Delights unvieled displayed by these entangled curves.

      Couple of feet long Decking wood layered flat,
      Like cells of Excel sheet each with neat lines saves,
      Digits those of curves slender slim and fabric covered,
      Dangling strands in peaked valley held taut by cage of ribs,
      Over-shoulder fall of hairs like of wilderness high cascade,
      Explain this moment in the thoughts just when its silent,
      In curled up Biology made by DNA chemistry,
      Shadows cast in evening sun-down time,
      Leave this soul wondering on single mystery that was created,
      Flash by the glow-worms death-flights in secret,
      Emotions saved on cricling hard drives just to flicker by,
      Delights unvieled displayed by these entangled curves.

      Left to right and then back to Left eye-lashes shaped,
      Around orbs' lids in blue shades and hue that shine,
      Salmon pink lips with global pearls as neclaces to charm,
      Facial haut skined taut and tight from youth,
      Azure ear-pears drops hanging in slim lobes stretched,
      Beads in glass shine like blemished spots of bright sheen,
      Fashion in live action before it dies timed flash-like,
      Titling on slender neck the swan head pivots for quick capture,
      Wax-moulds of this shape this instance of Human in 3D,
      Focussed in this dimension of Space and of Time is an issue,
      Leaving spellbound all observers who dare to witness these,
      Delights unvieled displayed by these entangled curves.

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