Skullus Mosiacus

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    This is an extremely detailed mosaic that was uncovered in Pompeii and now resides in the Museum of Archeology in Naples. I am pretty sure this is the same skull that inspired the beginning of that show Rome on HBO, which is really a good show, by the way.

    All Rights Reserved - Trey Ratcliff - From Stuck In Customs

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    1. Michael Huebener 104 months ago | reply

      Great shot, and interesting link to Rome, which I hope is coming back with more episodes. Looks better in your photo than on the intro to the show...

    2. Dalmatica 104 months ago | reply

      what i find interesting is that the skull looks like it has ears and a smile... and that thing underneath, is almost like a bow-tie.
      history is so fascinating!

    3. SkyShaper 104 months ago | reply

      looks like your buddy icon

    4. Jhaan 104 months ago | reply

      Yeah; I saw a skull with a bowtie; what an interesting and exotic mosaic; I'll look for the HBO Rome special; sounds great; I have to say, this skull DOES have personality, to be sure; LOL; fave. ( ;~)>

    5. iamnona 104 months ago | reply

      impressive~ always a fan of the past when it can be seen in the present~ i like to "live" history...i never could get anything from a text book~ cool shot~

    6. dbthayer 104 months ago | reply

      very nice, hope I look that good when I'm...never mind.

    7. neuropathee 104 months ago | reply

      cool piece of art. lovely shot man.

    8. iessi 104 months ago | reply

      very nice photo and great show :)

    9. Swedebug 104 months ago | reply

      Since the tv-series "Rome" started here just a month ago, I watched an episode this friday. Therefore I recogniced the skull, as it turns up in the opening for the show. Its very interesting that it has a history behind it and isnt just a fabrication from the producers.

    10. Ponders 104 months ago | reply

      I don't think it's a skull: I think it's a happy, thin, drunk. We (sometimes) have a very similar one in our bathroom, only it has more wrinkles.

    11. Chris Barber 104 months ago | reply

      what a cool mosaic

    12. RevrendMaynard 103 months ago | reply

      I was in Pompeii about 2 weeks ago. What an amazing place. Too bad this mosaic is in Naples. Naples is probably the one place (besides the Dublin airport) from all of my travels that I never want to return to. Nice shot though, wish I could have seen it while I was there!

    13. Stuck in Customs 103 months ago | reply

      Hehe thanks...

      Naples is not that bad - there are some unique things to do there and maybe you should give it another chance? That museum, if nothing else, is worth a night there.

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