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Dress Shopping on the River

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I bought a lot of stuff I may not have needed and ate a lot of fruit that would have been better off uneaten...

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  1. Sandmania 88 months ago | reply

    In the thick of the action...I love it...its like Indy Jones and adventure time.

  2. Italian kingKong 88 months ago | reply

    is there any fitting room on the river?

  3. susan_r4 88 months ago | reply

    This looks fun Trey!

  4. Tylfe 88 months ago | reply

    This is an incredible shot !!!! I don't believe I've ever seen a floating market place !

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  5. [bridget] 88 months ago | reply

    omg. love everything about this. you have such an amazing life to travel like that.......

  6. jcarrionphoto 88 months ago | reply

    It´s true, its like Indy Jones and adventure time.
    I love it.

  7. texas bluebonnet [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

    Would you be talking about durian? (The king of fruits)

  8. <wikd> 88 months ago | reply

    That is cool.

    I was watching "No Reservations" on the travel channel, and I think it was in south east asia where this guy goes up the river selling pancakes and making them on his boat. Kinda reminds me of that.

  9. Mister-Solo 88 months ago | reply

    very beautiful document

  10. dewi silvana 88 months ago | reply

    Wondering what happen if somebody accidentally trips over the dress, must be difficult to retrieve !!

  11. gillian daSilva 88 months ago | reply

    your photos are mind blowing!

  12. Ville Huttu-Hiltunen 85 months ago | reply

    I like this one.. moderate enough treatment for my taste..

  13. j a m e s ! 79 months ago | reply

    I really want to see the water market for myself :]

    great shot

  14. HeyPlayGirl99 71 months ago | reply

    if i get to go this august i definitely want to check out the river markets, BUT i cant swim. should i be scared?

  15. max.japan 31 months ago | reply

    Where exactly did you take this photo if I may ask?

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