Do I need to put a description here other than I found this in India?

  • Len Langevin 7y

    As usual, nothing but the best from you.
  • p.o.l 7y

    is it really delivery from mcdonalds???? if someone done this in montreal he will be millionaire!!!! ahah
  • Santi 7y

    Great composition, well seen
  • Doc Gibson 7y

    Very creative shot! Well done.
  • Kelly L. 7y

    Guess we need to get with the program here in the US!
  • Vijay Pandey 7y

    @ waidhere - Yes , it is a recent phenomenon . 3 years back any loser would have bet on these fast food joints. Now they are everywhere . Mcdonald do have few menu items to cater to local taste . I was in Delhi and I personally been to 10 different outlets and I don't know how many are there . I guess same is true with other metropolitans . You have Mcdonalds,subways,pizzahuts,domino's ,KFC's everywhere .Pizzas are a relatively new inclusion in Indian society,I saw them growing at a exponential rate in last 18 month and you can spot a pizza shop almost in every market in a big city .I guess Indians can associate with its shape as it is similar to their staple food - roti . KFC has been another super-success

    Check this site and you'd be surprised by their no and this is in just 2 years and this site too is not updated as it has no mention of Bangalore and I've been to 2 McD's here already
  • ~v.h~ 7y

    well.. i may as well drop by just to say...
    Mac delivery in Singapore : 67773777
  • Just LP 7y

    Wow. this as a great capture of how different things can be.
  • William and Lisa Roberts 7y

    Great shot. Anything with motorbikes works for me.
  • Wind LaSS 7y

    NiceLy sEEn =]]
  • Danielle Palmer 7y

    Delivering obesity to a home near you...yuck!
  • P G 7y

    Nice.. repitition...
    I may use it to get a McVeggie & a Chocolate Shake.. ; )
    But I hardly eat McD stuff... I'd rather have a vadapav or a panipuri!!
  • Anand Balasubramaniam 7y

    woah ... its amusing that a lotta people are surprised about mcdonalds having home delivery here..:)
    I assumed they do this everywhere.

    @AlanJordan.. Mcdonalds here dont serve ham or beef. we only get chicken and fish burgers. :)

    @Waidhere, Vijay... If i remember correctly the first Mcdonalds in Bombay opened almost 7-8 years ago.. pizzas, subway, have all been around for a while, but its only now with all the malls popping up everywhere that they are starting to become more popular.. otherwise a few years ago, they were just too expensive compared to the awesome street food all around India ( not recommended for travellers unless you wanna be bedridden for a few months :P )
  • Vijay Pandey 7y

    @wormtongue - Absolutely ,you're right .Mcdonald started a while back but the market wasn't ripe then . KFC had to shut shop in their first stint and they returned after 5 years to cash on the good work done by early starters.

    Why suddenly western fast food joints became popular. My 2 cents

    1) IT boom in the last 5 years , increase in disposable salary,
    2) Global interaction, Most IT clients are US co. and you learn what you hear all the time,
    3) Yes you're very right the mall culture picked up like wild fire in the last 3 years and there is one outlet of each fast food joint in every mall

    Yes you're right no ham or beef . It is veg,beans,chicken and fish

    -- (?)
  • raymasky 7y

    this is so cool. which city did u click it in ? Mumbai >?>?
  • Trey Ratcliff 7y

    hehe yes - I was in Mumbai
  • JIB's Photography 7y

    This is just crazy. So if you are too obese to come out to the resturant they deliver to you....

    Great photo and thanks for sharing but I hope this never happens in the STATES.
  • POONDOG 7y

    I did see a Mcdonalds when I was in pune :) :) :) :)
  • Luiz Paulo Rocha 7y

    very good!
  • POONDOG 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called LOST IN TRANSPORTATION, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
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