Farewell India - The Taj Mahal

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India is a beautiful and magical place. I wish I could say my journey to get to this exact vantage point was the just as beautiful and magical, but it was not.

I really wanted a unique vantage point, and I was reticent to try to set up inside the complex with the teaming crowds. So, I talked my driver into taking me to the backside of the Taj Mahal because I had seen a river back there on Google Maps. We started circumnavigating the place and we came to the old trestle bridge. It was quite a long stretch to get across the river. The bridge was just barely standing, and everything about the dilapidated structure was sketchy. We were the only car on it, and it was hard to get around all the ox-carts, donkeys, and bicycles.

Looking out the window at the rusting girders, I asked our driver, “When was this built?”

He wobbled his head and said, “Eighty-three.”

Well, I thought for a moment. That doesn’t sound so old.

Then he turned back to me, “Eighteen Eighty-three.”

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  1. Martin Mounzer Photography 18 months ago | reply

    Absolutely amazing photo.

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  2. Fu-yi 17 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot......!!

    Have a nice day.....Hugs From Taiwan,
    Kind regards,

    From a fan of Taj Mahal
    This wonderful image deserves a Taj Mahal Award

  3. Izakigur 12 months ago | reply

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  4. joybidge 12 months ago | reply

    Wow! Amazing photo!

  5. angraaz 11 months ago | reply

    simply awesome :)

  6. G.hostbuster (Gigi) 10 months ago | reply

    From a fan of Taj Mahal
    This wonderful image deserves a Taj Mahal Award

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  8. Nitish_Bhardwaj 7 months ago | reply

    Magnificent Shot!

  9. dario lorenzetti 2 months ago | reply

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  10. Jabi Artaraz 6 weeks ago | reply

    Seen in 3.000+ Faves.

    Felicidades, Stuck.

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