New Delhi Family

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    I took over a hundred pictures of thousands of poor and destitute around India. I usually gave 100 rupees after I took the shot, but the tough part is was when dozens of kids descended on me whenever I pulled out the money.

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    1. taraviolet. 77 months ago | reply

      great emotional shot.
      so sad :(

    2. Shutterbuguy 77 months ago | reply

      I always wonder why photographers from west always take only such portraits. This actually reinforces the false impression about India as a poor and mysterious land of beggers, snakes and elephants. Yes, many people actually think so and worse things if they are as ignorant as Bob. When such snaps actually may help to create awareness about certain issues in India, it is responsibility of photographers of Trey's calibre to showcase the other progressive, opulent , developed face of India to the world which lives in ignorance. I hope Marnie strikes the right balance !

    3. Shutterbuguy 77 months ago | reply

      As a sheer portrait without attaching any issues to it, this photo is truely amazing !

    4. jayanta:) 76 months ago | reply

      wonderful shot!

    5. seattlerachel 76 months ago | reply

      So young, but still reflecting so much character. These children are beautiful.

    6. planetdahmer [deleted] 75 months ago | reply


    7. ASA 100 74 months ago | reply

      My Gos. Such strong expressions.


    8. zlight 73 months ago | reply

      incredible capture....

    9. Kytographer 73 months ago | reply

      ha ha, you "took over a hundred pictures of tousands (of people?)" that would mean you'd have to see atleast 10 people in every shot to equal 1000 heads from only 100 shots. I'm just being harsh, i'm really jealous you lived/visited in India. I can't wait to be there someday.

    10. Kidayo 70 months ago | reply

      i cannot agree with Deepsha more, i just wish i could grab her out of the shot and feed and bath her.. hoping she'll be happy again!

    11. Pakueye 66 months ago | reply

      Incredible shot! Compliment, my friend!

    12. XAVIER (K & X FOTOGRAFIA) [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called U left me in Awe...(invited images only), and we'd love to have this added to the group!


    13. p.m.w 64 months ago | reply

      It's ok, at least you helped many children while you were there and did what you could, you brightened up their day and they will remember your kindness...oh and I love this shot...<3

    14. annnisha 63 months ago | reply

      so sad......:((

    15. annnisha 63 months ago | reply

      sponsor a child a child today...

    16. blablablablablablalblablbabla [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      that's one awesome shot :)

    17. Tiruvan 51 months ago | reply

      Good picture with a wrong caption.

      It is just "One New Delhi Family" and not "New Delhi Family". Your caption could be mistaken that all families in New Delhi are living in such poverty which is false.

      It would be similar to taking a picture of a homeless couple at a stop light in Austin and giving it a caption "Austin Family".

      Last thing a developing country needs is bad publicity.

      You are a fantastic landscape photographer!

    18. abdulkhadermillion 50 months ago | reply

      Good work. I like to see all your photos. Contact me at abdulkhader at yahoo

    19. hatschiputh 32 months ago | reply

      very touching, very great capture

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