Reflective Puddle of Anti-Grav Mercury

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I understand it is difficult to figure out exactly what is happening in this picture. I think it is interesting to watch people look at this picture and either accept it as "cool" or delve deep into layers of understanding to try to figure out exactly what it is. Everyone has different levels of investigative tolerance... but I hope it is fun to look at no matter where you stop in the curiosity chain.

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  1. bburnett71 92 months ago | reply

    Fun puzzle. Great photo.

  2. Brian Auer 92 months ago | reply

    Upside down was a nice touch.

  3. jacquie pics 92 months ago | reply

    very interesting shot

  4. ₪banzailgs₪ 92 months ago | reply

    whatever it is.....sweeet!

  5. Mustangaly911 92 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Abstract Art Awards -=Post 1, Award 4=--, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    I so agree with the statement about the level of each person's curiosity/investigative level. Cool pic and excellent title!!!!!!!!!!

  6. satosphere 92 months ago | reply

    It just looks like somebody broke glass rather evenly....

  7. ScottInTokyo 92 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Psychedelic HDRs, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  8. Hot Flash Photography 92 months ago | reply

    Wow, how cool is this? Whatever it is, I love it - and it proves your eye for the photographic angles. this rocks, Trey.

  9. 3rd foundation 92 months ago | reply

    The orange colors amidst the monotone image really pop out. It is disorienting.

  10. serhio 92 months ago | reply


  11. Hopefoote, Ambassador of the Wow 92 months ago | reply

    So, are you going to explain this puzzle eventually?

  12. Dark_Light_xx 92 months ago | reply

    I'm pretty sure it's a picture of that mall in Amsterdam.

    Gorgeous picture! I love it.

  13. ash2276 92 months ago | reply


  14. Valentinian 92 months ago | reply

    What's particularly cool is the variety of scripts etched into the stones around the amazingly neat reflective part. You have straight Latin, a touch of German style Gothic script, a few random numbers, and a couple of symbols thrown in. The olive green walls with their square and rectangular forms reminds me of churches I've seen in Germany.

  15. richietown 92 months ago | reply

    very cool shot. could look at it for hours, which says a lot.

    -- (?)

  16. Mike Le Gray Photography 92 months ago | reply

    Excellent capture and treatment! I would have to agree with the pieces of mirror on a church floor. In the large size, you can clearly see the church window the right way up, indicating you've rotated the image.

    Great shot!

  17. baissie 92 months ago | reply

    The reflection is right-side-up but the pic is up-side-down. VERY COOL! You didn't really place all those mirrors on the floor of a church, did you??? :) Awesome!

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