A Nuclear Plant in a Small German Town

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I spent the first night in Boehlen, Germany. It was a tiny town about an hour south of Leipzig. I noticed when I drove up that there was a nuclear power plant there right by the town.

(note: Doblonaut below said this is actually a "1800 Megawatts brown coal-fired power station")

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  1. A. Saleh 93 months ago | reply

    wow cant say but that, what an hdr for a super wide amazing photo.
    keep the good work you are the best.

  2. snake.eyes 93 months ago | reply

    So great! Amazing shot!!!

  3. SublimeImage [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    WOW, great shot Trey!

  4. G@! 93 months ago | reply

    this shot is sooo powerful! amazing!

  5. Hopefoote, Ambassador of the Wow 93 months ago | reply

    You've taught me about the HDR bit, but how'd you get the funky angle.

    Where my friend lives there are silos like this too. I thought it was nuclear as well when I first saw it. She tells me it has something to do with hot water. Or something. The silos still look imposing, remenisicent of 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl.

  6. Fried Toast 93 months ago | reply

    how'd you get the funky angle

    Use a wide-angle lens and get low to the ground. The work your composition from there (my guess on how Trey did it, anyway).

  7. joshua carlsen 93 months ago | reply

    This is a great shot...the lines of the smoke stack are perfectly framed.

  8. druss101 92 months ago | reply

    Now that's a scary picture :-(

  9. Vratsagirl 92 months ago | reply

    You have a great eye for details and compositions

  10. WildernessMed87 91 months ago | reply

    Nice shot of the smoke.

  11. endtranscend [deleted] 90 months ago | reply


  12. edwardyanquen 88 months ago | reply

    your photo has been used in my blog, if you have any problem please tell me

  13. Glücksklee 88 months ago | reply

    Because your photo, Trey Ratcliff, is used par example in a blog about nuclear power (see edwardyanquen) I vehemently protest against the title you have given this picture. Nevertheless you created a very impressive photo, you are wrong, and I beg you to change the title the second time.
    Just once more: this is no nuclear power station but a coal-fired power station. That does not mean smoke and danger for this reason, but only steam - as a few people announced, especially "Andrew @ bat" (thank you!)
    So long as you can´t inform yourself about the difference, I will give you the name SHALLOW TREY. One thing in my life I really hate, and this is, if a really good specialist or artist (like you) is only looking forward to read the meter whether his counter increases and can´t look right or left.

    I do not agree with your behavior, posting a dramatic picture and a completely wrong title at the same time. If your opinion is wrong, the next fifty american opinons about Germany are also wrong.
    Would you yourself tolerate such a malpractice?
    What you are doing is called: cultivating prejudices.

    So, please think about it.

  14. Stuck in Customs 88 months ago | reply

    I don't know about that blog... but I think nuclear power is great. I wish we had more of it in the US. Dumb people misinterpret stuff all the time... I bet MOST people (not the smart people reading this) think that it is actually pollution coming out of the top - it's just steam / water!

  15. Glücksklee 88 months ago | reply

    So - thank you for your comment - my opinion about nuclear power is absolutely converse to yours ... but this is not my request ...
    Why don´t you simply change the title of your photo, if you know that this is no nuclear plant?

  16. Ron in Blackpool 79 months ago | reply

    We hardly get anything out of ours except electricity:
    And I do agree that you should change the title as it is misleading.
    Behind locked doors

  17. dogpile 66 months ago | reply

    It was already mentioned that this is not a nuclear power plant. In fact there is not a single one in the area of the former GDR. The only one that ever operated (near Greifswald) was shut down after the german reunification and is deconstructed. So at least in the german east is nothing to fear when it comes to nuclear energy...

  18. buckdenton13 64 months ago | reply

    I used this photo in a blog post:


    I gave the necessary "Photo source for attribution" and other information.

    Thank you very much.


  19. kat pdft 43 months ago | reply

    Nuclear, no. Fabulous capture, yes!

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