A Filipina in Hong Kong

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    from www.stuckincustoms.com

    One thing I have noticed from staying in hotels in Asia is that the lounges at night are always full of spunky Filipino singers. I do not know why all the singers are always from the Philippines or why they are always spunky.

    Hilton, Marriott, Shangri La, Mandarin Oriental, and all the others must flood the Filipino Craigslist with adverts asking for good singers that can do dance routines, sing, and never get tired of entertaining expatriots.

    Below is one of the singers from the Marriott, who I met one night between sets. One of the owners of the Hong Kong Marriott was in the lounge and he saw me in the corner drinking coffee and working on a few photos. He was a big fan of my work and soon started calling all the staff, bartenders, his friends, and eventually the singers over to my laptop. I was surrounded and they were all looking at my photos and asking all kinds of questions. Joy, in the picture here, asked me if I would meet her in Kowloon on the weekend to take a picture of her for her portfolio.

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    1. susan_r4 81 months ago | reply

      Beautiful girl!

    2. kasmil 81 months ago | reply

      Nice model and shot:)

    3. stevenbulman44 81 months ago | reply

      Absolutely beautifully done. Great shot.

    4. maistora 81 months ago | reply

      Cool model, great shot! (Now I know a new pick-up strategy, with a camera and laptop :)

    5. Heaven`s Gate (John) 81 months ago | reply

      great picture and story ! love to see who else you met !!

    6. The Dolly Mama 81 months ago | reply

      thanks for explaining..we were wondering about you picking up this girl...Heehee....Must have been interesting talking to the owner and all and sharing your photos... Keep it up

    7. cycℓops (mjlearmouth) 81 months ago | reply

      trey, trey, trey... what a lovely weekend it must have been!

    8. iceman9294 81 months ago | reply

      rough assignment bud...

      http://stuckincustoms.com/ (?)

    9. 齐世文 - QSW 81 months ago | reply

      same here in beijing...

    10. *alyssa likes to take pictures* [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      spunky filipinas rule...

    11. *Inscrutable* 81 months ago | reply

      GREAT shot, wonderful girl and wonderful background!

    12. Next Chapter Photography 81 months ago | reply

      Great photo and great story...It happens because not only is music ingrained in Filipino culture, but it's taught at an early age as a means of eventually going abroad to earn more money than possible at home....at least that's the perspective I've gained from seeing the same scenario as you've mentioned over many years in many different countries..All that aside, really enjoy your lovely composed portrait!

    13. Menazort 80 months ago | reply

      dick 'r dude, dick 'r

    14. T A Y S E R 79 months ago | reply

      i wounder what happend after the photo :)
      just kidding Trey just kidding

    15. Weaselmcfee 78 months ago | reply

      Geez folks, can't someone take a perfectly 'good' photo w/o everybody....forget it. Have your fun, but, what are you doing, I wonder.

      You, Trey, by the way are a really interesting and very good photographer. I have enjoyed looking at your wide variety of photographs. You 'ping' off of everything....it's interesting. thanks for the views.

    16. Carol Sze 74 months ago | reply

      你好,我是群組 Filipina in Hong Kong- are most beautiful lady in the world 的管理員,我們希望將你的相片增加到此群組。

    17. LinksmanJD 58 months ago | reply

      cool photos mate! filipinos have vocals and when they sing american songs, you don't hear their accents. someone commented that they work abroad to support their families back home, that's true. music is an outlet to cope with life and struggles that others can't understand.

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