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Ramos Fizz

This is my variation on a real classic from New Orleans 1888.


The Ramos Fizz was created by Henry Ramos and is a variation on a earlier drink the Silver Fizz. It's normaly served in a highball glass and topped with soda water, I'm not a fan of soda so left it out and switched to a cocktail glass. I love the out come maybe you will too.




1 1/2 parts gin

1/2 part fresh lemon juice

1/2 part fresh lime juice

1 1/4 sugar syrup

2 parts milk

1 small egg white

2 or 3 drops of orange flower water


shake all of the ingredients over ice fand strain into a cocktail glass.


as this drink contains raw egg and milk make sure you share vigorously to mix the ingredients fully.

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Taken on January 27, 2010