168/365 Bringing in the new year

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    Just to say something first of all, I don't understand new year nor do I particulaly enjoy it. I like the idea of getting together with friends for a good evening but I never like the parties. What are people celebrating exactly? You may answer, it's the celebration of another year passing. So we're celebrating one year since we last celebrated? Theres nothing wrong with celebrating a complete orbit of the sun but as long as people realise that there is nothing special about the date we celebrate it on. I find it wierd how people count down all exited and then jump up and down when the new day arrives.
    Another thing about new years I don't get is new years resolutions. Why do people wait until 1st january to change something they needed to do a long time ago. If you want to quit smoking it makes no difference when you begin. I work at Boots the chemist and every year they launch this new years program called "Change One Thing." We are supposed to help people stop smoking, lose wieght, exercise more etc. This is of course a good thing but they only run it in january which I think defeats the point.

    But anyway, I had a lovely new years round a friends watching comedy, fireworks drinking and gaming. Here is the champagne we had at midnight. It's a bit blurry but it was dark lighting and was struggling to keep dead still.

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    1. Felicia M 64 months ago | reply

      cheers to that!
      I also don't understand it.
      Amazing bokeh you got in this shot!

    2. Fratheist 64 months ago | reply

      It quite baffles me as well. But happy new year anyway, regardless of how arbitrary it is. Come celebrate Chinese New Year with us!

    3. benjaminasmith 64 months ago | reply

      I agree entirely. But it can still be fun! Good shot considering the light. :) And great bokeh!

    4. bellefantaisie 64 months ago | reply

      I used your image at my blog belle fantaisie on this post.

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