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Past, Present and Future in Cardiff: Part 2

One of the first "single shot" series photos I published back in 2007 was Past, Present and Future in Cardiff. Three years on, I've taken this follow-up to show you just how much has changed in Cardiff.




The Bute Dock Feeder was barely visible last time I visited here. It was overgrown and hidden in the shadows of the warehouse units on Tyndall Street Industrial Estate. This time, the warehouses are gone (as is the industrial estate; I guess we don't make things any more in New Labour's Britain), and the banks have been cleared quite a bit. The Feeder is visible here.




"Torchwood Towers" no longer has the skyline to itself. It now has to share with new office blocks, new apartments, and the St Davids 2 complex.




Last time, it was the empty skyline that was due to be filled by the St Davids 2 complex. This time, it seems like the empty foreground is what's most likely to see change over the coming years.


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Taken on May 3, 2010