Vietnamese rice roll with sausage

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    1. topquark22 ages ago | reply

      Hmm, that looks like ordinary bologna. Not very Vietnamese.. Is it?

      Looks tasty, anyways.

    2. stu_spivack ages ago | reply

      I've had this at one other restaurant. Of course, that restaurant is owned by the brother of the guy that owns this one...

      But I'm also pretty sure that I've seen this in Vietnamese restaurants in other cities. I think the sausage is called cha lua and the roll underneath seems to be called banh cuon. Does it make sense to call the whole think cha lua banh cuon?

      Aha! I found a picture on a blog called Noodlepie (scroll down). It looks remarkably similar to what I ate.

      Noodle pie tranlates cha lua as mortadella. I think the restaurant might actually make this so it's not your standard run of the mill bologna. But I have seen hot dogs at Korean restaurants which I was very surprised by.

    3. avlxyz ages ago | reply

      i'm pretty sure that's not your regular mortadella or bologna... even if the method is the same. The spices are distinctly Asian, although I can't pick what they use :)

      love those banh cuon rice rolls too!

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