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When Mollie Met Rosie... | by Stuart`Dootson
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When Mollie Met Rosie...

I'se gots my eye on youse…


Yes, the two doggies in my life have finally met up… They weren't entirely friendly (some snaps and snarls and growls and stuff), but in the end, they were eating at the same time and in the same room, which surprised me…


We expected Rosie to be dominan, as she does have pack leader tendencies…but while she tried (resting her head on Mollies shoulder, for example), Mollie didn't care… and when it came to playing fetch, Mollie surprised Rosie, by being a lot quicker off the mark, and more agile, than her. Rosie's built more for longer-distance speed (longer legs, and more muscle, as you can tell when you pick her up - she weighs a good 5-7 kilos more than Mollie).


Anyway - we had a good weekend with them, with no major bust-ups, which was nice!

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Taken on August 5, 2011