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Casino Royale (Fiche/Jetons/Chips)

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These fiches/chips are from the travel that I did around the world. Every Casino I visited I took a fiche with me to remember the casino. There are more but these are for me the interesting one's to take a picture of. I'v got some silver chips also. I just love Las Vegas (been there twice). I hope to visit Las Vegas again to photograph this beautiful city.

Jetons were token or coin-like medals produced across Europe from the 13th through the 17th centuries. They were produced as counters for use in calculation on a lined board similar to an abacus. They also found use as a money substitute in games, similar to modern casino chips or poker chips. Thousands of different jetons exist, mostly of religious and educational designs, as well as portraits, these most resembling coinage. (The spelling "jeton" is from the French; the English spell it "jetton".)

Roman calculi
The Romans had similarly used pebbles, in Latin "calculi" - little stones. Addition is straight forward, and relatively efficient algorithms for multiplication and division were known.

Arabic numerals
As Arabic numerals and the zero came into use, "pen reckoning" gradually displaced "counter casting" as the common accounting method. Jetons for calculation were commonly used in Europe from about 1200 to 1400, and remained in occasional use into the early nineteenth century. In Italy pen reckoning became common earlier, and was mandatory for bookkeeping use by 1300.

The Late Middle Ages
Nuremberg, Germany, was in the Late Middle Ages an important center of production of jetons for commercial use. Later - "counter casting" being obsolete - the production shifted to jetons for use in games and toys, sometimes copying more or less famous jetons with a political background as the following.
In "the Nederlanden", the Low Countries, the respective mints in the late Middle Ages in general produced the counters for the official bookkeeping. These mostly show the effigy of the ruler within a flattering text and on the reverse the ruler's escutcheon and the name or city of the accounting office.

The 16th century onwards
During the Dutch Revolt (1568–1609) this pattern changed and by both parties, the North in front, about 2,000 different, mostly political, jetons (Dutch: Rekenpenning) were minted depicting the victories, ideals and aims. Specifically in the last quarter of the 16th century, where "Geuzen" or "beggars" made important military contributions to the Dutch side and bookkeeping was already done without counters, the production in the North was just for propaganda.
The mints and treasuries of the big estates in Central Europe used their own jetons and then had a number of them struck in gold and silver as New Year gifts for their employees who in turn commissioned jetons with their own mottoes and coats-of-arms. In the sixteenth century, the Czech Royal Treasury bought between two and three thousand pieces at the beginning of each year.

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  1. Truus 100 months ago | reply

    Wat een leuk idee....en toen nog wat gewonnen?

  2. sirwiseowl 100 months ago | reply

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  3. Dimormar! 100 months ago | reply

    Leuk om dit te sparen en bewaren. Nog wat gewonnen?

  4. Truus 100 months ago | reply

    Re..waterdruppels op een cd..een proberen maar..macro was ik mee bezig..kun je mooi binnen doen..beetje licht erbij..

  5. sunsurfr 100 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot. Very well done.

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    nice done!!

  8. Niina777 68 months ago | reply

    jaimerai savoir s'il est possible d'utiliser ta photo pour un reportage si je met ton nom en copyright ??


  9. Gar40y 55 months ago | reply

    B&W greyfilter ND110.

  10. seaglow 42 months ago | reply

    That's a great collection from your trips to Vegas. Hope I will visit Vegas too sometime in the near future :)

    Great chips!

    Jo @ casino

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