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Celestial Emissions - Eta Carina Nebula | by strongmanmike2002
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Celestial Emissions - Eta Carina Nebula

Glowing regions of gas in our galaxy are known as Emission Nebulae. When these nebulae are imaged through filters that only allow the passage of very specific wavelengths of light, we can create revealing “maps” of the distribution of certain elements within the nebula. Here the filters used allowed the passage of light at wavelengths corresponding to those emitted by excited Sulphur, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. The exposure data, mapped to red, green and blue respectively, results in a more dynamic looking multispectral wavelength ordered portrait of the atomic processes occurring in these hot beds of star formation


AP152 F7.5 Starfire APO refractor with 4" field flattener

FLI ProLine16803 CCD & CFW-5-7

SII Ha OIII = 70 70 80min (bin 1X1) Astronomik filter 11.8nm

-30C chip temp, darks and flats (AstroHandy LightRing used for flats)

Focal length 1300mm FOV = 1.6deg X 1.6deg

Image scale 1.4"/pix

Guide Camera: Starlightxpress SXVH9


See a larger file and variations here:

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Taken on April 6, 2011