Albuquerque Bicycle Routes & Lanes
I am still impressed with the local bike route system. This city annually prints folding, pocket (or tool bag) sized maps showing new construction of dedicated off street bike routes and any clearly marked bike lanes which are painted onto the actual city streets. These are distributed for free at most bike shops.

Some of the routes intended for serious bicycle-commuter traffic are quite elaborate and include wide, well maintained, asphalt paved paths which are clearly painted to channel bike traffic and even posted with road signs of slightly reduced size just as one would find on roadways intended for motorists... and these routes are intended for only bicycles or an occasional pedestrian, with no motor traffic permitted!

Some of the bike highways are rather impressive and expensive... and, I must admit, sometimes a bit amusing to see as well. Quite surprising for a city in an economically poor State.

The mayor of the city is often seen in public service TV spots, where he is shown riding his bike along a typical city street bike lane and encouraging other residents to bicycle to work over the ever growing network of bicycle lanes and paths. And all city buses have bike racks mounted on front to ease the commute for weary cyclists.

Our temperatures may commonly drop below freezing during the winter months, but with very little snow bicycle commuting is practical year round. --- I have commuted to work by bike daily... for more than 10 years.
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