2011 ~ Summer Mediterranean Cruise on the Navigator of the Seas
In the summer of 2011 my parents flew to Hamburg, Germany, so they could enjoy the unique experience of a maiden voyage of a cruise ship. The went over for Celebrity Cruise's Silhouette inaugural cruise from Hamburg to Rome (Civitavecchia) with one stop in Barcelona.

The initial plan was to be onboard the Silhouette for three Legs (cruises) but Celebrity chartered out the ship for the scheduled second leg. So instead they eventually settled for a cruise afterwards on the 'Navigator of the Seas' to replace the 2nd leg and then returning to the Silhouette for the third leg of there trip. These second two cruises had many stops in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel.

This set is of the second leg of the trip on the Navigator of the seas. It had stops in Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
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