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    God Bless Stephen Colbert.

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    1. stricklin_family 108 months ago | reply

      Looks like the copyright police caught me straightaway. Ah, well, it's a fair cop. If you want a t-shirt, you'll have to make one yourself. :)

    2. GinnyRED57 108 months ago | reply

      Love this. Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

      P.S. That didn't take long. Damn. Still a fave.

    3. lovenotes 108 months ago | reply

      This is amazing! I love it! :)

    4. makelessnoise 108 months ago | reply

      The nuts on that guy - I can't believe he said some of that stuff. WOW.

    5. evil latte 108 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

    6. Thomas Boblett [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

      great shot. c-span has the whole video available still. i just watched it for the 3rd time and am still laughing. good for you stephen!!!

    7. J!mbo 108 months ago | reply

      The look on Dubyah's face was priceless!

    8. justinsomnia 108 months ago | reply

      stricklin_family, it'd be great if you could change the license on this photo so we could legally make our own tshirts.

    9. NYCO 108 months ago | reply

      wish there was a way to blow this up to good poster size! It MUST be a poster!!

      You should make stickers out of it too

    10. justinsomnia 108 months ago | reply

      stricklin_family, thanks for changing the license, I've happily included the image on my blog with a link back here.

    11. greenhem 108 months ago | reply

      colbert can come to canada any time he wants. we now have a new prime minister who is a carbon copy of the Schrub. our guy, Harper, needs to go to sit in the corner like Bush is here - and he's only been in office for a few months! canadians are almost sure Harper has been consulting with Karl Rove for some time now.

      it's marvelous that this photo made it to flickr's interestingness page!

    12. sfitch 108 months ago | reply

      I created a bumper sticker version of this, in case anyone is interested:

    13. Soylent Chartreuse [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

      Here's a tshirt of this image I just found:


      Proceeds go to savedarfur.org.

    14. citybumpkin 106 months ago | reply

      My hero!!!! (Colbert, that is...)

    15. GoodOldCitizen [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    16. coleypauline 95 months ago | reply

      LOVE IT! minus the God part :)

    17. kriketon 94 months ago | reply

      What a great photo, love it man.

    18. onaridge2000 90 months ago | reply

      I loved Colbert's speech at the dinner. I was totally amazed at his *&^%. Needless to say I love the poster. This guy should be cloned!

    19. rosewithoutathorn84 88 months ago | reply

      Amen indeed! I loved his speech - he's officially the king of backhanded complements!

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