ryerson public school playground

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    no swings.

    according to Lu_, none of the school playgrounds have swings anymore because of insurance issues.

    the city parks still have them though.

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    1. jercraigs 85 months ago | reply

      Nice cutout

    2. .Leili 85 months ago | reply

      Those are some cool 1970s childhood colors. Although they are, I gather, contemporary.

      The place doesn't look particularly fun to play in, although the picture is way fun.

    3. b-real 85 months ago | reply


    4. striatic 85 months ago | reply

      Although they are, I gather, contemporary.

      rather new looking, even.

      no swings or merry-go-round = boring

      fewer injuries though, i've little doubt.

    5. elinar 85 months ago | reply

      God. It's sickeningly safe.

    6. Arya 85 months ago | reply

      I haven't been able to find any parks with merry-go-rounds still. It's a shame. I loved spinning until I felt like passing out.

    7. Modest Janicki (Modest and Jill) 85 months ago | reply

      Great eye striatic! Congratulations on a fantastic shot. Looks like a Joan Miró painting!

    8. jonhughes 85 months ago | reply

      Funny that different playground equipment is regarded as dangerous in different places. Here it's the merrygorounds and seesaws that have been removed or had their pivots damped to the point where nobody would want to use them.
      Perhaps the children have different playing habits.

    9. Trinity 85 months ago | reply

      I remember being rather peeved when my school removed the merry-go-round due to liability issues when I was in the third grade. They kept the seesaws until much later, though...

    10. Remiss63 85 months ago | reply

      wonderful composition; great softness in cutout . . .

      in reaction to criticism of his playground designs as being dangerous, Isamu Noguchi created this model for Play Mountain, intended to be located on a vacant block in Manhattan:

      Noguchi -- Play Mountain, 1933

    11. illDesigns 72 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Play Grounds, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    12. meganmcmeekin 68 months ago | reply

      love the colouring

      You should add it to the photography site www.myfocusphotos.com they have weekly photo contests and right now the theme is "back to school"...I think this would fit well

    13. Cupidsmagicphotos 68 months ago | reply

      This is lovely!!
      You've been memed! I used your photo in a meme over at the My Meme group and invite you to become a member.

    14. EricJohnSterling 64 months ago | reply

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    15. Adam Pieniazek 62 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous pic, those colors really pop out. Playground looks kinda lame but the photo is not!

      I've used it in my post about grade school rumors.


    16. Ivy Dawned 54 months ago | reply

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    18. utahpubliceducation 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting this great shot with a Creative Commons license. I've used it to illustrate the Education News Roundup on UtahPublicEducation.org. Thanks again for sharing your work!

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