haircut ~ tile

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    clippings, base, footrest

    while i get my haircut

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    1. nospuds ages ago | reply

      What a great pic. Love it =)

    2. tamaki ages ago | reply

      very interesting!

    3. striatic ages ago | reply

      What a great pic. Love it =)

      i aim to please.

      very interesting!

      i like that the grid is so orderly but the hair falls so randomly.

    4. uidzero ages ago | reply

      Indeed. The chair base and foot rest also have a nice round feel that breaks up the grid in a sexy way as well.

    5. Lathyrus ages ago | reply

      Could you point us to Rupauk's pics when he posts them? I do not have him as a contact.

    6. striatic ages ago | reply

      sure .. he said that he'd post them but hasn't quite yet.

    7. leo59 ages ago | reply

      i wondered about the black and grey (white?) bits of hair here ...
      i checked your 'me' tags ...

      i'm confused; your hair 's brown, isn't it?

      love the haircut pics, btw

    8. striatic ages ago | reply

      i'm confused; your hair 's brown, isn't it?

      it is brown and has blonde highlights .. that's the hair from the person in the other chair.

      i used to have white hair though.

    9. Rupauk ages ago | reply

      Bryan (striatic) and I both went in for haircuts at my favorite barbershop .. "Ho's Place", I took a series of shots of Bryan's haircut .. see here:

    10. Rupauk ages ago | reply

      check out pics of bryan (striatic) getting a haircut on my photostream:

    11. Hebe [deleted] ages ago | reply

      nice one. this picture reminds me of my grandpa!

    12. rskoon (Richard) ages ago | reply

      You do squares and rectangles so well! It's almost like formula that is so simple. but very few do it as well. Very satisfying.

    13. striatic ages ago | reply

      It's almost like formula that is so simple. but very few do it as well.

      thank you very much.

      i think that sometimes when people shoot in a very specific or compositionally simple way they can reveal details in a more subtle way.

      also, it's a challenge to keep that style of shooting interesting and not boring.

      how to be somewhat repetitive without being boring, i guess.

    14. Photography Is My Heart 111 months ago | reply

      you must have a good eye. i wouldn't have though to take a picture of my cut hair.

    15. SerialCoder 92 months ago | reply

      This image has been added to the Flickr Museum for making explore's top 25. Kudos!You can check it out here...

    16. getthebubbles 88 months ago | reply

      ooh love the squarishness of this one

    17. leee uh 88 months ago | reply

      i think of jen lekman's shirin shirin shirin shiriiiin (when shirin cuts my hair its like a love affair)...

    18. jenzlenz 85 months ago | reply

      Love the shapes and love the perspective - I also have a bit of a haircut fetish so I love shots like this - I always look at the floor when I'm the chair too, can't help seeing what's gone I guess....but I never thought to bring my camera...

      Love it!

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