• One of my three rather large and teetering piles of books to read. - Trinity
  • Two more piles of books - Trinity
  • A cookbook to aid in feeding the hungry vegetarian - Trinity
  • Sharpie, chapstick, post-its, glasses cleaning cloth, hand lotion, camera and ipod syncing cables, and a little-used dvd/vcr remote - Trinity
  • Kleenexes - Trinity
  • liquid. for drinking. - Trinity
  • Timbuk2 messenger bag, which serves as a bookbag - Trinity
  • homework tracker/planner - Trinity
  • PowerBook! Mmmm, purty. - Trinity
  • textbooks and notebooks - Trinity
  • water bottle for squirting josie when she misbehaves

    which is often. - Trinity
  • somebody is hiding in the vent, spying on you - mynameis_heidi
  • MINI-NOTE PC 2133 de HP, isnt it? - D'Aicom
  • uhh, no. I'm quite sure that my laptop is a PowerBook :) - Trinity
  • I’m sure you know your own notebook, but here in Argentina there’s a Hewlett Packard exactly the same as yours.
    But now i see it in color, i know theres a diferent, but the keyboard is the same. Erase my tags after reading. I like this pic a lot!
    www.garbarino.com/g2009/productos/producto.php?codigo=50406 - D'Aicom
  • TrinityRebecca Partington


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i tend to photograph trin from above.

possibly because she is little.


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  1. Nicoli Barea 70 months ago | reply

    this is so cool

  2. New Orleans Lady 70 months ago | reply

    This is such a wonderful perspective to shoot from. One I have not tried before. I really enjoy the placement of the items surrounding Trin adding questions as to what she is doing. Excellent shot!

  3. striatic 70 months ago | reply

    i should say that this was taken using a camera with a swivel lens held up against the ceiling... it can be difficult to shoot from this perspective using a DSLR.

  4. Studio Menno 67 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called People from Above, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. Yahya Natanzi 67 months ago | reply

    So Creative. I'd love It.

  6. Moe Negm 60 months ago | reply

    wow very nice portrait

  7. mkorcuska 58 months ago | reply

    Great shot. I'm using this in a presentation. Thanks for the CC license....

  8. Yasmin Fahmy 57 months ago | reply

    Perfect shot.....I love it

  9. Su▲ 48 months ago | reply

    love this!

  10. Lynda Giddens 44 months ago | reply

    I love it - my workspace is set up similarly. The black and white tells a better story than the color version in my opinion. It lends some simplicity to an otherwise complicated and busy shot.

  11. Chikur Heart 39 months ago | reply

    Part of the magnificent beauty of this shot is how crisp and in focus everything in the scene is from hair to carpet. It looks like a view camera shot using movements. Was a high f-stop number sufficient for this effect or does the swivel lens that you mentioned contribute to this spectacular depth of field for a fairly close up subject? Also, would you be willing to list the equipment you used in this shot? Thanks!

  12. skinnypictures 36 months ago | reply

    this is SUCH a cool shot, I'm gonna try to make this shot of myself, wish me luck.

  13. VadimBravo 31 months ago | reply

    very cool photo!

  14. Jason Collin 25 months ago | reply

    Totally unique perspective, an instant fave. The choice of B&W processing complements the image very well. I fee like I saw this photo years ago, and then again came across it today because it was featured on dPS (final image):


  15. Lluís Vicens (sense temps per a res!) 24 months ago | reply

    Wonderful composition. The point of view and the details are very amazing. Really well composed!

  16. Benjamin Po 19 months ago | reply

    cool angle~!!!

  17. Rajan Rai 13 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot.

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