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    this is a place to hang my hat, my coat, my scarf.

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    1. LarimdaME ages ago | reply

      Then it must be home.

    2. lawatt ages ago | reply

      very elegant, spare and so well composed...

    3. striatic ages ago | reply

      Then it must be home.

      not even close.

    4. Lú_ ages ago | reply

      what is the fourth hook for?

    5. MetaGrrrl ages ago | reply

      Negative space.

    6. deborah d. lattimore ages ago | reply

      having met you, this is now much more than an interesting composition. a very comforting image. beautifully conceived.

    7. fortunate eye [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Shaker style. Great!

    8. striatic ages ago | reply

      great photo!

      thank you.

      what is the fourth hook for?

      i had my bag hanging from that for a few minutes.

      having met you, this is now much more than an interesting composition. a very comforting image. beautifully conceived.

      thank you. it is a very comfortable image, and yet i somehow feel like i'm on the lam. or something. maybe i'm endeavouring to use photography to comfort myself and others. or something.

      Shaker style. Great!

      a bit ashamed to admit this, but i had to wikipedia that.

    9. *Louise** ages ago | reply

      The rest of the weary photographer... :)

    10. *L ages ago | reply

      works well together
      shaker style
      no need to wilkipedia that :D

    11. Richard Skoonberg ages ago | reply

      A elegant compostion... and a signature photograph!

    12. DCZ ages ago | reply

      great shot!

    13. mottsbeats ages ago | reply

      this set of hooks now adorns the bathroom en suite of the soon to become shared bedroom.
      under where it use to hang is a very interesting shade of orange yellow. the room must have been very interesting back then.
      your once bedroom has now become an office.
      the red couch from the ghetto journey is still there and the one arm'd chair from the sidewalk down the block makes a wonderful addition to the room with the brown bag christmas throw over top of it.... funny thing is the brown bag throw is brown.
      the master bedroom has taken a very interesting shape with a soon to be added loft style bed.
      once things have finally settled in we shall photo shoot the whole house.

      check out some reckless exercising on

      soon will come an episode of extreme bocceising.

      and yes and i do miss that painting hanging on the wall downstairs.

      and a final note. your noodles are waiting in the cupboard for when you finally make it back for a lunch.

    14. octaviolicon ages ago | reply

      I know, the Shaker influence is very cool!

    15. Jonathan Dacey ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called foto thoughts, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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