Winnipeg Airport: Old and New, 1964-2011
I have a 1964 issue of Canadian Arts magazine, which has a great article on the 3 new airports built in Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg. I've scanned the relevant sections for Winnipeg, and it looks like we have been slowly demolishing the airport over the last 50 years.

Where and why did all the artwork go away. And what about the cocktail lounge decor?

The new Winnipeg Airport is to open at the end of October and now we are debating if we should demolish or keep the old airport.

I've now updated this set with new Airport pictures, which opened Oct 31st, 2011

The artwork on the walls from the old airport have been claimed by other organizations, and the demolition fence is up, it will be completely gone in a few months. RIP, 1963-2011.

Here's a nice blogpost on the history of airports in Winnipeg:
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