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The Iron Lady | by Hammerstein NWC
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The Iron Lady

The Year is 1872 - England is a battlefield.


From within the smoking hulk of Parliament a woman has (literally) fought her way to the top.


As the New Prime Minister of England Lady Margo Hatchet seeks to quell the rebellious Unions of the North.


The Proletariat are revolting (at least that is what she says), and the "Iron Lady" is intent on once more making Britain "Great" but this time with herself as Commander in Chief and a puppet Monarch to rubber stamp her authority. Privilege and Wealth must be restored at all costs.


Fighting in campaigns all the way from the tin mines of Cornwall to the ever precious Coal Faces deep underground in Newcastle, Lady Margo has never been bested in combat.


Her Hard-Skirt armour protects her from most attacks and she is deadly with the weapons available to her. Preferring to mix it at close quarters she lets her clock work automaton Goliath soften up opponents before she sweeps in for the coup de grace.


Lady Margo is armed with twin powerfists, knuckle duster, The holy sword of Westminster and a Titanium Cricket Bat gifted to her by W. G. Grace himself from the Long Room Armory at Lords


Inspiration - you guessed it the real Iron Lady. Baroness Margaret Thatcher who has recently passed away. Englands one and only female Prime Minister.


Photo by GmanVespa - you sir are a legend <3

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Taken on August 6, 2013