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Eurobricks SoF - The Misery Machine - Scooby Doom APOC Wagon | by Hammerstein NWC
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Eurobricks SoF - The Misery Machine - Scooby Doom APOC Wagon

Please note credit for all inspiration belongs to Travis Pitt an incredible artist who you should take a look at here on Flickr. He's tagged (Dr. Monster). Fans of Steampunk will also love his work...


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Other angles, Front back and top.



Long before the Monster Fighters there was Mystery Incorporated. When the Vampyre and his minions stepped out from behind their curtain of secrecy and anonymity the Scooby gang stepped up to the plate!


With Shaggy and Velma missing presumed dead, the remaining Scooby Gang aren't quite as carefree as they used to be, however one thing is for certain they are still the best of friends....


the old VW just couldn't cut it against the Turbo Hearse, Undead Chariot, Ghost Train and other such monstrous contraptions. After a quick chat with Tinker their mechanic, the "Misery Machine" was born. a scavenged Armoured Car was repurposed. Bulletproof glass, 3 inch armour plating, atv puncture resistant tyres and "Zombie cutter" teeth were added to the front.






My first attempt at custom decals. quite pleased with the results.


Non purist full version of Scooby and the whole gang to follow in both minidoll and minifig formats. Stay tuned.

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Taken on February 23, 2011