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AA - Res-Q Extraction Team | by Hammerstein NWC
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AA - Res-Q Extraction Team

The Year is 2066

The apocalypse had come in 2059 - It began with full scale riots across towns in England starting with London following the release of the Ipad 67.5. With it's retail price of 2,000 pounds there was a run on the banks . As lawlessness descended the government Lost control rapidly. The Police force so woefully armed were unable to handle the unrest and by the time the military was fully mobilised, the riots had spread across to all the major cities of England. The armed forces already fighting a War against the separatists of Wales and Scotland were not sufficient to fight a battle on the home front. No-one is sure where the zombie plague came from but the build up of rubbish and the rats that followed were implicated by the scientific community, other theories included the hypothesis that a rage induced monkey had bitten a scientist but generally speaking people thought that was bollocks. As people fled inevitably the plague spread. The" Iron Kilt" protected Scotland and nobody wanted to go to Wales so both were unaffected (joke!). France did not fare so well - even with the early quarantine borders - Aid workers and do-gooders brought back with them rats and so the plague spread to Europe....

The Governments last act before it disintegrated was to order the chemical bombing of refugee plague camps, a Serum had been developed which was to be dispersed by air over the unaffected refugees who were confined to compounds in rural safe zones. Unfortunately rather than save the people it mutated them. Now the streets are full of both Zombies and Mutants.

As with all conflicts there were winners and losers, One of the winners was the AA.

Motorway Rescue became big business to the rich. Seeing an opportunity the AA diversified into protection services - Recovery mechs were adapted and retooled. Ex Police and security officers were recruited and retrained with more combat focus and extraction techniques.


Team are from left to right


Resuscitation practice doll

Field Medic

Light Infantry Solder

Close Assault Shotgun Breacher

AA repair Mechanic



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