The Broxburn Bings
Broxburn is a relatively new place - traceable back to the 1800's; an infant next to the somewhat older Uphall (to the West).

Both places were villages - identified along the route of the Union Canal (and then the railways) - but both achieved international significance when oil was discovered within the shale and coal deposits found under the area.

The mineral oil extracted was able produce crude oil, paraffin oil, paraffin wax, naptha, gas, coke, and ammonia. Not only this, but the seams within which the oil was found resulted in the pink-tinged shale heaps (known locally as 'The Bings') to be found to the north of the town.

My photographic investigations of the area were prompted by my friend, Shirley-Anne Murdoch who, having already instigated investigations into some of the people and families impacted by the shale oil industry in the Shale People Project, was now directing interest in recording the visible evidence of the past mining by creatively documenting the Broxburn Bings.

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