We want it back, Tom...

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    1. Tom Coates 33 months ago | reply

      Without being a cock here, I'm not actually sure many of you *do* want it back. Some of you would just like me to be more brief / stop arguing with people on Twitter, some of you would like me to write up some more of my talks (which is not unreasonable, I guess), some of you just enjoy having something to tease me about.

      I love you all, but let's be honest, I very much doubt most of you are waiting patiently for the incredible insights I have to deliver (at least that I can't deliver through other means). I really dot believe there's a huge audience of people impatiently waiting for my brilliance on the page.

      Honestly, I stopped for a reason - I didn't find it fun any more. In fact I found it a burden that I'd lugged around for ten years. I found the negative comments I got from a chunk of people really demoralizing. I found the occasional attacks something I could do without. I found having to argue ridiculously simple points or debates that I'd argued previously ten years kind of depressing. And people overreacted and shouted at me. Some people set up blogs just to directly talk about what a fraud and a dick I was. Someone registered plasticfag.org and pointed it at my site. And I talked about some personal stuff at one point and it bit me almost dangerously on the arse and destabilized my position with some members of my family. I mean, I loved it when I did it. Then I didn't love it. Then I didn't want to do it any more. Maybe I'll do it again in the future.

      In the meantime, why not instead (say) give Hammond, or any one of a thousand other people we know a hard time for never really having blogged in the first place? I'm sure they have something interesting to say too.

      I'm really sorry to sound sort of cross, and I do appreciate that anyone gives any kind of shit, but y'know, it was / is bit of a big deal for me and its not something I'm just going to do lightly. And I'm really genuinely not going to do it because people go on about it. If anything, it makes me want to do it less. I don't want to feel forced into it. If it happens it happens. If it doesn't, then I'll express myself in other ways - hopefully through the products I make, as well as by making stupid jokes on Twitter. And I hope you guys understand that and ... well, bluntly ... give me a break?

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