• As a way of figuring out how big these things are - inside of this tiny square is a set of 10 steps. This little square is about 12 feet high. You can only see them if you check out the Original size. Do it!

The Multi-Wheel

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Sorry for reposting this image.
Some of the fins were not masked in very well and it was driving me crazy.
This version fixed the fins. In the original image there are only 3 fins on the Wind Mill. This is a composit image that includes layers from 6 images. The bottom fin is too closely aligned with the post, thus hiding it, but it took me quite awhile just to get it this close. So it's staying. :)

I have passed by these huge Wind Mills all over the Southwest of these Uninted States and I always regret not stopping and taking a few snappies. So on the way back from the Third Coast this last Weekend I knew I had to get out and do what I do. This image was taken with my Tokino 16-28mm wide angle, so I had to get in real close to get this. Point? I had to run across this field about 1/4 mile in the baking sun, snap these images and run back before Farmer Bob noticed me and grabbed Jed, his peace maker and his best Sunday-go-to-meetin' teeth and trucked out to shoot me. I was already sporting the best Sun Burn I've had in years from the 4 day coastal excursion, so this was just what my Apache Red face needed.
All worth it of course. Hope you like the image.

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  1. Sherwyn Hatab 46 months ago | reply

    very beautiful.. great shot!

  2. gizmocrazy 46 months ago | reply

    This is really good work....well done

  3. Vale PRESS 46 months ago | reply

    Nice pic!!!! :)

  4. Thelonious Gonzo 46 months ago | reply

    Most a-preesh y'all.
    Good to see ya round Giz.
    Your string of Interestingness never ceases to amaze!

  5. AnEyeForTexas 46 months ago | reply

    What a great idea! And really well done, too!

  6. Jess Bossé [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    brilliant, great contrast in the clouds!

  7. Thelonious Gonzo 46 months ago | reply

    EyeforTexas - Your photostream is awesome. I love Texas and your work does Texas right.

  8. therealjoeo 46 months ago | reply

    Scary and beautiful at the same time! Good job.

  9. JoWiJo 46 months ago | reply

    As long as you're having fun with it, why not paint the thing and make it look like a flower? I "see" yellow petals with a black center.

    Yeah, we do lose depth perception with these things. They don't look as big as they really are. I've heard that the housing at top of the pole is about as big as a small house.

    Seen in Top 20 Texas.

  10. lindalht 46 months ago | reply

    love it....I have several that I took last Sunday...one is up on my flickr photostream...lindalht.
    Alas, Theo,,mine have only three props....it was hot.! .I took my photos in Taft-Sinton area...fields of them there...so neat...cotton is blooming...gotta get out there again and see what you come up with!!

  11. sarowen 46 months ago | reply

    I live near Amarillo, and I have a list of photos that I want to take around the area...I'm just waiting for a "good sky day" to take some windmill pictures. This is an excellent idea -- it turned out great!

    -Seen in Top 20 Texas

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