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Water in Death Valley

Water in Death Valley!! ;-) Most people don't realize that one of the most extreme deserts in the US has water--even a river running through. Sunset at the Armagosa River--an area less photographed. Most people don't realize that a river flows into Death Valley. It is not above ground all the time, but sometimes there's a lot of water to drain into the Valley of Death. This year four inches fell in Death Valley!!!


We decided to visit some of the lesser known areas of the park this year, instead of shooting what everyone else shoots. I was gratified there was only three other photographers here--one way, way out in the salt chunks--but also a little peeved there was three other photographers here. Up until the sun set behind the Panamints, their shadows kept on intruding on my photography. Not to mention one of them kept on doing HD video, and including me in his "vision" (DUDE!!). A whole new ball of wax--having to worry about every Tom, Dick, and Harry video'ing one while out shooting. Sheesh......get a life, people!!


Sunset never really happened, and we left before the other photographers because I just had a "feeling". Glad, though, we got that gorgeous glow on the Black Mountains which reflected in the pools of water. Wish I'd thought to shoot a pano of this area (perhaps I did--I have a lot of photos to go through, still, and it's always possible I don't remember after ten days of sleep deprivation....).

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Taken on April 1, 2010