#NewTwitter proportions

To anyone curious about #NewTwitter proportions, know that we didn't leave those ratios to chance.


This, of course, only applies to the narrowest version of the UI. If your browser window is wider, your details pane will expand to provide greater utility, throwing off these proportions. But the narrowest width shows where we started, ratio-wise.

  • Troy Freund 5y

    Great, so the golden ratio's been applied---it still seems too busy--classically proportioned or not.
  • Doug Bowman 5y

    @fvsch and @gscottolson - we lost the debate to maintain one set of proportions (these). Product wanted a larger details pane when the browser was wider to ensure larger media and more visible content. So we compromised and allowed the UI to expand to a certain point. We couldn't let the timeline expand because it would affect wrapping and vertical position of the selected tweet. Many different factors at play here.
  • Coley Cheng 5y

    Troy Freund I like to question users and designers, alike, when they say something is "too busy." It's kinda like double rainbow; what does it meean?
  • David A. Herron 5y

    @coleypauline: "busy" or "too busy" means just that; there's too much going on. it's overwhelming in a bad way. part of the beauty of Old Twitter was its simplicity. the new version should at least have an option to turn that second pane off. it's noisy.
  • Florent Verschelde 5y

    Doug Bowman Thanks for the information. Always interesting to know more about the specifics of a project.
  • Chat Clussman 5y

    First off, @stop, we can quibble over the details but nice work.
  • Chat Clussman 5y

    @coleypauline what @dvdherron said. See also: cl.ly/2ajT where @johnonolan mocked up some barebones compartmentalization of the data in the second pane. I also agree with @fvsch and @gscottolson - I'd prefer a locked details pane. What media shows up in the details pane exactly?
  • Chat Clussman 5y

    And @stop - I love the iPad version. It's nearly perfect for me. I have some minor suggestions, but your Flickr feed might not be the most appropriate place. Just wanted to give props where they were due.
  • Andrew Mager 5y

    Silence is... wait, I've already said too much.

    Great design Doug!
  • Peter Durfee 5y

    Proportions are great. Inability to get "Trends" and "Who to Follow" out of my face is what keeps me in external apps for the most part, though. (This is what "too busy" means to me personally.)
  • Colin Fahrion 5y

    I applaud the use of the Golden Mean but really if you are going to used it shouldn't it line up with the more prominent aspects of the visual grid?
  • gznewson 5y

    I don't like it however classical it may be
  • Ozan İlbey Yılmaz 5y

    Yeah, that's me you are seeing on the picture and this is my answer:

    Golden Ratio is just for the minority: twitter.com/#!/ozanilbey/status/25904584104
  • symmetricalist 5y

    I saw it before somewhere....


  • David Boni 5y

    Really dislike the fluid layout. This ratio is pretty nonexistent when almost everybody has their browser maximized. And if I resize to get the narrower version, a scrollbar pops up at the bottom, making the viewable area that much shorter (small nitpicking, yet annoying all the same).

    I personally wish I could just get rid of the sidebar all together—don’t want to follow anyone else, don’t care about trends, especially don’t want to see the last 7 people I followed indefinitely—and show only tweets.

    I love the draggable tweet box. That’s pretty fresh.
  • Cathie Joy Young 5y

    What? Draggable Tweet Box? See this drives me nuts. Old Twitter was so much easier to figure out. New Twitter has all these little mysteries that you have to ask about in order to solve. And yes please get "people to follow" out of the work place.
  • stovall 5y

    hey -- that's me (i like it, mr. bowman)!
  • Technical GanXta 5y

    Phil Stringfellow
    A true golden spiral is not calculated with Fibonacci. A Fibonacci spiral is only an aproximation.
  • buny 5y

    My apologies if this was answered elsewhere, but is there a way to resize the right-hand pane? It's so full of stuff.
  • Jonathan Lurie 4y

    I'm playing around with this same concept in Chicago
    Phase 9: Final Wrigley Montage
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