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    he's the quiet one. standing in a doorway. i ask if i can take his picture. he says no. i nod and walk on.

    she calls after me "you can take my picture."

    she has a tattoo like a vine under her right eye. and hair like a boy. beautiful like she's hiding it.

    steve's her friend. he says he's from massachusetts. he's beautiful too. been on the road only a few months. says it's ok if i take his picture.

    her name is carley.

    i say my ex was named carley. she smiles; like i remember.

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    1. Mark Birkle 35 months ago | reply

      I get mixed feelings when viewing your photos. Artistically, I have alway loved your work; psychologically I struggle. I envision myself approaching a person who has less, and always will, and asking for a photo. It takes a certain "people intelligence" and an "emotional intelligence" to get a person to open up for a photo. Am I being exploitive? Do I do them a favor by making their plight know, or am I using them to stroke my ego with my art? Yes, these are hard words, but it is a hard subject. Does a person fall through the cracks in society, because their parents gave what they could, but had little to give. Is there a certain percentage of people who for biochemical reasons will manifest psychological issues in late teen years that destroys the foundation that they need for adulthood? By now, you may hold that insight...

    2. judi333 35 months ago | reply

      welcom back, stoneth.

    3. stoneth 35 months ago | reply

      hey y'all thanks muchly :)

      : roughly speaking... i shoot "outsiders" / poverty bc i don't feel i belong; which makes it hard not to notice when others feel the same... especially those who have less control. more specifically, the series began as an exploration of what it is to belong; and to not... which was as much personal as it was sociological or otherwise. basically, how can we value others more; and all be valued. so what have i learned? i've learned why and how people end up on the street at a million different stages. i've learned how people can be helped and how they cannot. i've larned what in our system of capitalism and democracy is good, bad and otherwise. i've learned about myself and others... but mostly what i've learned is "bw the lines." it's what 'they' meant when 'they' said "we're all the same." Now the real question is "what's next?" ;)

    4. Devesh Uba 35 months ago | reply

      Lovely portrait .

    5. Mr. Greenjeans 35 months ago | reply

      I liked the photo right off, but your words put it right over the top...

    6. F r a n Stone 35 months ago | reply

      we are all the same - thank you for letting us remember and not forget. fabulous!

    7. someone rivery 35 months ago | reply

      glad to see you post gain, stoneth

    8. Miguel A. D. 35 months ago | reply

      Excelente toma! con una magnífica composición!.
      Un abrazo.

    9. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hynes 35 months ago | reply

      I don't know what I want say, hard to put into words, but thanks for your work and thoughts, I really appreciate it.

    10. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Hynes 35 months ago | reply

      What's next? Thanks for the reminder. Got to get out now and go find it.

    11. Harpersbizarre 35 months ago | reply

      He is truly beautiful. And I can imagine her. Love the context, and what is left to imagine. Awed once again. Never, ever gets old.

    12. RastaRicanStudio 35 months ago | reply

      I enjoy your stories as much as the images.

    13. wd9hot 35 months ago | reply

      Tom, Thanks for sharing Steves story, OMG, That lighting and contrast ratio...Just impeccable. I missed your absence.

    14. osvaldoeaf 35 months ago | reply

      A great shot, nicely composed. Congrats! Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

    15. dusqweeze 35 months ago | reply

      Great portrait

    16. Thompson Photography 31 months ago | reply

      Another oustanding portrait from you. I'll be looking for Carley.

    17. Sarah Fisher22 31 months ago | reply

      A brilliant portrait

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