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    it's getting dark and cold. she's sharing a blanket with a boy i know. he doesn't remember me but likes that i know his name.

    her name's kelly. just came down from oregon. mostly she hops trains cause she's not big on hitching. no telling where she'll end up next. she's got eight states to go. got a boyfriend. she'll see him sooner or later. probably sooner but he has a tough time keeping track of her.

    says what's born in vegas stays there. its hard to get out. she did though. she was thirteen. left with her boyfriend from the time. he was 17. didn't last. got beat up pretty bad and hasn't seen him since. doesn't miss him though or vegas. hasn't looked back really. what's to see anyway. parents were shits. period.

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    1. t i m e t r a v e l l e r 56 months ago | reply

      very respectfully told story

    2. HellooDave 56 months ago | reply

      what a hard face

    3. pfflyers1 56 months ago | reply

      I dig the wind-blown strand of hair and the gaze as if contemplating the future.
      Needless to say this has less impact without her story, which you convey well.

    4. Mіchael 56 months ago | reply

      Exellent shot

    5. Harpersbizarre 56 months ago | reply

      her eyes- just watering enough to make me cry. you are amazing.

    6. azem 56 months ago | reply

      superb portrait!!

    7. AlexRuz 56 months ago | reply

      Makes my heart hurt.

    8. SkyShaper 55 months ago | reply

      Always worth the wait

    9. basilly 55 months ago | reply

      So many very sad her parents were worthless. may God guide her.

    10. stoneth 55 months ago | reply

      oddzen1949: hmm soft can be nice ;) but really it's just a function of the time of day; it was pretty dark; and i'm just catching moments as best i can (whenever they happen)

    11. Kyle Hickman 55 months ago | reply

      Good to see a new shot. Powerful, as always.

    12. devangshah 55 months ago | reply

      Excellent Shot. Love this. Great Mood & Feel. Lovely Portrait.

    13. J_B - Johnny B 55 months ago | reply

      Tom, glad to see you still do what you do. Thanks for sharing the image and the message.

    14. ILOPIX | Ilona Berzups 55 months ago | reply

      Sadly there are kellys everywhere, more and more under the bridge near where I live. It's hard to describe till you've been there -- your photos though tell it like I never could, so very very powerful. Lately I find myself driving by the tent cities and individual sites, trying to get a glimpse. I keep thinking is this a place I could live? I can't even believe I'm writing/saying this. That's what your photos do. I want to photograph what's happening but I'm reluctant to approach. People have dignity even if it's not worn on their faces. You manage to show and respect their humanity. When a photo deeply touches a viewer they are connecting with something about themselves.

    15. Arkadi 55 months ago | reply

      Why not in color? At least the eyes.

    16. stoneth 55 months ago | reply

      sad professor, Boesepueppi, rskoon, Manuel Pozo, t i m e t r a v e l l e r, Mіchael, azem, devangshah: thanks!
      tranquil_rainfall, Harpersbizarre, SkyShaper, Kyle Hickman: : appreciated :)
      Bellechique: beautiful face
      pfflyers1: hmm i like the pic on its own
      NatashaRuz: too
      basilly, iloPix: yes
      J_B - Johnny B: thanks bro
      Arkadi: it's a diff connection w the viewer i think

    17. gordy1 55 months ago | reply

      stunning portrait mr stoneth

    18. (:Andrzej:) 54 months ago | reply

      you make stunning portraits and documents very important part of society.... you are great artist.

    19. elhawk 41 months ago | reply

      Great portrait, fascinating story.

    20. Kay Klages 5 months ago | reply

      Bellísimo retrato

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