horseshoe bend - page arizona

horseshoe bend - page arizona


I just got back from a trip to Arizona - this natural wonder is called Horseshoe Bend, a strange 180° curve in the Colorado River outside of Page, AZ downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell - I think it's been photographed a few times before :D


More than you probably want to know:

This is an amazing sight but what really surprised me was how natural and undeveloped the entire area was – just a small sign on Hwy 89 saying ‘Horseshoe Bend Lookout’, a dirt parking lot, a ¾ mile walk on a unpaved path and ‘GULP’ you’re looking over a wide open 1000ft (304m) straight down drop-off - no security fences or barriers or guards telling you to back away from the edge.


If you want to get a picture of the full river without rocks in the foreground, you need a wide angle lens and you need to get very close to the edge. I was too freaked out to walk upright to the drop off point, so I crawled on my hands and knees, did a inchy-squinchy the last little bit, and then dangled my camera over the edge to get this shot. I'm not normally afraid of heights but this totally gave me the willies.


Check out this cool video from 'D Breezy' (aka David Thompson) working this same spot: The Bend Video.

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Taken on October 21, 2010