• oliveoil4me2 7y

    wall street anger
  • menan1961 7y

    Why should they jump- They have all the money! They have no honor!
  • margie44 6y

    LOL that's a good one. The m o t h e r j u m p e r s need to be pulled out of their offices and given a good beat-down before they make that leap.
  • mom 6y

    Main street schools wall street!!

    Love it!
  • jjg976 6y

    As apt now as it was on Oct. 2.
  • Michael Stoll PRO 6y

    used in an advertising campaign for the german weekly magazine "der Spiegel" in this way:

  • Dave Mikulec PRO 6y

    Jumping would be pointless. They've all got golden parachutes. No, it's going to take something a bit more drastic to get our country, our economy and our money back from these pigs.
  • sixpounder 5y

    No more bailouts!
  • Eleanor O'Rourke 4y

    Hi Matthew,
    Did you take this photograph? I wanted to use it as one of 40 pictures I'm using to illustrate 40 chapters of my book which is going to be self published. Is it copyrighted or can I go ahead and put it in.

    Thanks a lot
  • illusionary0 4y

    In Chicago, the scum at the Mercantile Exchange stood on high with signs that said, "We are the 1%."
  • 72feetabovesealevel 4y

    Famous last words: let them eat cake. I'd also note that the worlds richest man, Muammar Gaddafi, died in a ditch.

    Love the sign.
  • StefanCoetzee 4y

    Unfortunately the only thing this proves is that the protesters are the same as the traders.

    Neither has any respect for the other.

    How crazy is it to want somebody to die, because of money?? Priorities seem a bit effed up to me.
  • TheClearView 4y

    Classic case of blaming the people trapped in the system, instead of the system. Like blaming the soldiers for a war, instead of the guys who caused the war.

    Most of these traders are ordinary people, doing their best at a particular job in order to keep things going, with families and dependents, and with no other alternative at present.

    And many of the protesters are unwilling or unable to work, not because of the system, but because of their own psychological make-up.

    A make-up which seemingly justifies wanting to kill their country-men because of the system.
  • Michael Stoll PRO 4y

    Although is see, that the slogan is gross, i wouldn't set apart the system form the people. Of course the system - in this case - is man made throughout. As with war, if you will.

    Right, that there's often a family in the background, or a style of living, but here as well: those in these jobs chose it voluntarely. I don't think, brokers were forced to their jobs. i agree, that alternatives in work often mean alternatives in living style as well.

    and. there seems to be a minor glitch in your argumentation: when it comes to brokers, you state, they would be trapped in the systems, but when it comes to protesters, they arn't, but are "unwilling". i don't get that.

    but killing isn't the right way either way, right?
  • TheClearView 4y

    @Prof Michael Stoll: As a computer programmer I see that any system I can think of, consists of/depends on a network of interconnected sub-functions. People, computers, electronics, mechanical devices, etc. etc. are used in order to make these functions come alive. So the system I am talking about, is the abstract system in which people are like pluggable, replaceable, specialized units.

    The protesters think the traders are 'evil', because they (the protesters) view the result of the system as undesirable. But can a tool be evil? I think, only the purpose for which you use it can be viewed as non-desirable. Like using a spade to kill somebody. Should the spade now jump from a building, under a torrent of vile abuse?

    What I mean is that if specialized robots can be constructed to fulfill the roles of the traders, the system would work the same. But not many people would be trying to insult or swear at the robots. Their gripe would rather be with the system architects. In this case, it is the job of the government to create or modify the system so that it is no longer open to abuse.

    The fact is that most traders are highly skilled, intelligent people with non-ordinary characteristics like the ability for extreme concentration, multitasking and decision making. Even so, because most of their skills are extremely specialized, they are not likely to find other jobs easily. That is why I say they are trapped by what they chose to do. This is true of many professions.

    Yes, these people chose their jobs voluntarily. At the time they probably had not the slightest idea that working as a trader would be viewed as morally reprehensible someday. But consider that they were ABLE to fulfill the functions which this particular system provided/required. Also, that ANYBODY can choose to do it - but not everybody is able or willing to. Some might be able, but now have ethical issues.

    With regard to the protesters, my observation of their mentality - just look at the photo again - causes me to think that the only job most of tthem can do well - able and willing - is to be a protester - shouting abuse at other people, hoping that things change in that way and that they benefit from that.

    Any system (of employment) has certain requirements, and if you cannot or don't want to fulfill those requirements, then you cannot do the work required by that specific system.

    Many (most?) of the protesters only protest against this system because they themselves don't have money and they blame the system for this. Since they are unable or unwilling to join the system, they blame those who are able to use it to get money.

    This does not take away from the fact that this particular system is severely flawed and open to abuse, with the proven capacity to drastically impact on innocent people.
  • michlamby2 3y

    It isn't really about the money but by the way they make their money.Much of it from the suffering of others. These people feed on other peoples misery. They make mega bucks from war and the slaughter of innocent people, from child labour and from the abuse of workers rights. They can watch the needless suffering of others and feel nothing for them. They plunder and destroy our environment in search of the ever elusive buck. And when it looks like they might lose out they cry like babies and hold the world to ransom until someone rescues them. I say JUMP
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Uploaded on October 2, 2008

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