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Kapcsos Homestead, Hill Spring, Alberta

This is my Great Grandparent's farmstead Steve and Margret Kapcsos, It was built by my Great Grandpa Steve and another local carpenter, made out of logs that they had hauled from Pole Haven just west of Mountain View, AB.


My Great Grandpa came from Polgar, Hungary to Canada in 1927, he originally made it to Saskatchewan where he got a job rock picking but ended up receiving very little money as was promised to him. Not giving up he made his way west taking the railroad until he made it to the Hill Spring area where he fell in love with the beauty of this new foreign land that remained him so much of home that he found this land here and built a smaller shack in order to house his wife and daughter, who later came all the way to Canada once he had saved up enough money to send back to them for their long journey to Canada. After this he and another Hungarian carpenter built this house for their growing family.


In 1947 my great grandpa was shot while working in the sugar beat fields when a stray bullet bounced off a lake nearby and hit him in the back. He recovered, but cough a cold about a year later and died of kidney failure.


The farm didn't have power clear up until the mid 1960s and they used a hole behind the house to store food to keep cool. My Great Grandma moved into town in 1970 and later sold the farm in 1972. It was about to be demolished in 1980 when the third owners wanted to build a new home on the present site. Luckily they decided to moved the original home a little to the west for storage latter as a barn, so it's been about 40 years since it was last occupied.


Also my Grandpa Steve Jr. was born in a barn just a little west and north of this home, The house is the last of the original farm and has lasted over 80 years until finally falling in on itself with a little help from a backhoe. It's a good thing we made it out there in time to see it go. I climbed through the hole in the roof and found a couple old tin cans shoes and neat old Hungarian newspapers dated back to 1936, which have now become family-heirlooms...

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Taken on June 21, 2009