Inside the Millennium Falcon
I think part of the charm of the Millennium Falcon is that you never really get a good enough look at it. Your first impression is that it looks really cool and you want to stare at it, soak up the details, but you never get to. It shoots through the scenes at sub-light speeds. Cockpit scenes of mesmerizing panels, full a multitude of switches, buttons and levers, are on screen only for moments and details are lost in the action of the protagonists. Your curiosity is forever piqued, and never fully satisfied.

This project is aimed at scratching that itch, which I've had for almost twenty years. Every detail presented here has been meticulously pulled from screen-captures and behind the scenes production stills. The structure of the cockpit was designed from a blueprint used to build the actual cockpit set seen in Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977.

There's still a lot of details to go, wish me luck.
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