Home made Tripod Dolly
I've been trying to get more stable footage for stopmotion videos. Previously I attached the cam to my bike to make videos like these:

But still got left/right wobbling occasionally, and it was tedious and tiring to wheel it slowly and try and keep it balanced. This is a solution: I got a cheap second-hand wheeled zimerframe, attached a Manfrotto Super clamp to the arm, then attached a tripod swivel head to that, and attached the cam to that.

Also, as I'm using an Olympus EPL1 camera which doesn't take a release cable, I've used a makeshift device that physically holds the shutter button down. It attaches to the tripod base with an adjustable arm over the shutter. It originally had an old traditional shutter cable attached, but I removed that and adapted it so the arm bit directly touches and holds down the shutter. I've added a rubber band to keep it in place.
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